Any notable BJJ/Boxing/Wrestling/MMA gyms in Pasadena, CA?

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  1. I've heard many good things about Sitydong, will be checking them out this week. Are there any other recommended gyms in the area in the styles mentioned above that I could also check out that are the real deal? I'm interested in learning those specific fighting styles.

    PS- I've checked out the UFC Gym and didn't like what I saw there. Basically just 'conditioning classes' and nothing too in depth at all in training, technique, etc. (except if you purchase 1-on-1 training on top of your already expensive and ridiculous gym fees- no thanks).
  2. Not Pasadena, but Erik Paulson CSW is in Fullerton.
    Would be worth the drive
  3. Would also look at Inosanto Academy in Marina Del Rey
  4. Thanks for the suggestions! Will look into those as well.
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    Inosanto is too far of a drive with L.A. freeways from Pasadena. The recommendation to go to CSW was a good one but I'm not sure of the distance. Sityodtong is a muay thai school but I know they have a brazilian jiu-jitsu affaliate. There is a Machado school in Pasadena and there is also a gym near the melting pot that teaches jiu-jitsu and kickboxing. I think Joe Camacho is the head instructor there.
  6. Hey thanks for the response. Sitydong are affiliated with Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu in Pasadena I've discovered.

    Thanks for the recommendation by the melting pot, you're not referring to Fight Academy are you though? Would you happen to know of any other local spots in Pasadena or surrounding areas that teach Wrestling?
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