Anthony Pettis' Small LW?


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Feb 3, 2012
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Hey just curious on wether you think Pettis is a small LW, i don't know why but i have it in my head that Cerrone is going to be a bit bigger than Pettis i guess its just because hes taller but i keep thinking hes going to be at a disadvantage. The wrestlefuck from Guida kind of adds to that impression as hes not a big guy. Really hoping Pettis cleans up

Someone please set me straight do you think this will be an issue at all?
hes kinda small, he's 5'10 which is about average for 155, but not very thick,his frame suits his fighting style though
Guida didn't really do much to Pettis and other than that I haven't seen much to make me believe he is too small.
Not a huge LW. He doesn't seem that small, though.
Was the guida thing more of an off night do you think or does he have a weakness against wrestlers in general?
Henderson is one of the biggest lightweights right? Watch the Pettis fight. He didn't look small next to Henderson. This is a non-issue.

Avarage size imo

Avarage size imo

I can't understand why do you post weigh-in pictures.. I mean they weigh the same so it is normal for them to look equal. Put pics from the staredown instead. That said Pettis is in no way a small LW.
Guida didn't really do much to Pettis and other than that I haven't seen much to make me believe he is too small.

It was an off night in my opinion. He had a lot riding on him that night.
i would say average too - looking 4ward to this fight bigtime massive fan of both guys but im pulling for the cowboy in this one
Was a huge cowboy fan before he tried to be some big shit talker with Diaz and got dealt too. Kinda just cant get onside with him now and am a big fan of Pettis anyway so definately hope Showtime owns him! If your not excited for this fight something wrong with ya!
He's a technique-based fighter, just the right size for his style. I believe the Guida fight was something that isn't likely to happen in a rematch, but if he gets Guida'd by anyone (Bendo couldn't take him down), then it's maybe time to reassess his physique.

But to answer just based on his size compared to other LW's: he's pretty small. There aren't many smaller LW's, if any besides Edgar, in the top 20.
He's a good sized lightweight, no fat on him. He moves fast and seems to have decent enough reach. He probably looks small to you because he looks 16.
He seems average sized about 5'9" ...donald is what 5'11" ? Im assuming donald will be abit bigger than pettis aside from height.
Cowboy is 6ft and cuts alot of weight because he always looks hulled out and dry as hell at the weigh ins. Pettis can gain alot of weight when not fighting, but seems to really bring his weight down before the fight so he doesnt cut as much water weight right before weigh ins. Should be a good fight I hope.