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Another Reason to Hate Muscletech (You Needed One?)


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Jun 13, 2005
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So I'm nitpicking, but a guy in my gym whose training for the XFL asks my advice on supplements. The topic tonight was whey protein since- as he told me- he was almost empty on Nitrotech. Now, I don't sell the supps like Kabuki, so I had to go look it up. I checked Bodybuilding.com. The formula for Nitrotech is actually quite impressive (hydrosolates are the primary protein, then isolates, with creatine and glutamine included)...the price is not: 4lbs.= $53

But that's not the reason to hate Muscletech. What stoked my fire was the advertisement. One of the bullets said this, "Contains 97% Whey Protein Isolate." Well, yes, that's true, but when you read that, what do you think? You think you're buying a protein powder 97% of which is composed of isolates, the more expensive refinement of concentrate, right?

Wrong. As it reads on the label, the protein includes a "new" Ion Exchanged 97% whey protein in the formula...never mind that of all the proteins comprised in Nitrotech, this protein composes the smallest percentage.

That's plainly a deliberate and conscientious misleading of the consumer.

So I reiterate:
Muscletech/JayCutler BLOWS.
isn't that an old formula.
I've always thought it was inferior.
Chad Hamilton said:
isn't that an old formula.
I've always thought it was inferior.

I did too, but that's from what I've heard..
creepingcharlie said:
Wait, there's still an XFL?

Shit, no, sorry.

He's training for that indoor football league.

I don't follow that shit, I don't know what it's called.
SpAzNeT said:
I did too, but that's from what I've heard..

There aren't going to be anymore major breakthroughs in whey. It's not like a powder designed 5 years ago is going to be outmoded like an old Dell.

The formula looks to be really good, I'll give it that. But nowhere near $15/lb good.