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May 9, 2003
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While waiting diligently for Biteme to send my mouth guard, I grew VERY tired of the lack of any progress so I contacted Tom. He talked to me about the internal problems within biteme and was willing to give me a free mouth guard because he felt bad. Wow just that alone should make people realize how much Tom is dedicated into this job. I will be brutally honest with my review though because I think the public deserves an honest review.

I got the HYBRID version from biteme. I dont know how it transfer into Protech but when I first put it on the contact to my teeth was right on. It felt like it was literally glued to my teeth. It wont come off unless you pull it off. Isnt it a coincidence that when I rolled with my mouth guard, someone knees me under my chin. The material also feels solid yet I have one qualm with the mouth guard. I dont know if this applies to everyone but the mouth guard has made me feel sort of "gaggy?" This is actually my first mouth guard so I dont know if I will have to become accustomed to it

Comfort: 8/10

Protection: 10/10 - the thing is solid

Look: 8/10 but this isnt really Toms fault because I didnt get any designs on it. I just think if it was on display it would get this rating lol. Im sure if ppl get designs on it, the rating should be different.

Reminder: I am 5'8 and 145lbs so this review might be useful for ppl my size. The mouthpiece is very solid. I might try gladiator in the future just to see the differences. Photos will soon be coming to show off the gear.

Overall: 9/10. Great piece, great protection. If Tom made me a bad mouthpiece than I would be brutally honest but I must say he has done a fine job. We will see how biteme holds up against this and the gladiator possibly in the future.

Edit: Pictures


cool, yea pics always help. Plus it's nice to know there is another feather weight around here :D
kick ass, it seems like everyone arnd here is going with tom and protech...i just placed my order on monday so my impression kit should be here soon..i cant wait to see this thing when its all finished..i got what i think is a cool design..and of course as soon as the finished product arrives at my door..i will have pics
The "gaggy" effect you're talking about is something a lot of people experience when they first "roll" with a mouthguard. This will be gone in a couple weeks and you will not want to roll with out it. Also, your breathing and cardio will get much better with this in.
As corny as this sounds, I have had my mouthpiece on the majority of the day at home and now im used to it.
koreanizm said:
As corny as this sounds, I have had my mouthpiece on the majority of the day at home and now im used to it.
Exactly, that's not a bad idea for people new to mouthguards. Wear it around the house for a couple days before training and you'll be fine. Just wait to you see what it does for your cardio.
Thanks for the review.

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old Medium = Double
old Heavy = Triple
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Nice review, pics would definitely be appreciated. I'd be interested in the impression kit so if anyone can post pics of it and the process it would be greatly appreciated.
Yea pictures are coming but stupid brother put the chord to pc somewhere for digicam so maybe tonight?
how much extra did the negative for the bottom run you?
I dont get what you mean but if you mean but the picture above is 1 mouth piece. Also the bottom impression was just heated and imprinted with the help of Tom.
That's one mean negative bite you've got. I just went with a barely noticeable bite. But it does work. I got clocked with my head down last night square in the jaw and just felt a small jolt. That's gonna give my confidence a huge boost.
Just out of curiosity though Tom, if you put in a negative bite that big, that will happen to the teeth if there is frontal impact centered around the bottom teeth? Couldn't they get caught and basically snap? Of course a huge amount of force would have to be applied for it to happen
Good question. I'm going to answer it the best I can here. First of all it does take a large amount of force to break teeth. Top or bottom. Teeth usually break at the neck or area where the gums meet the teeth. This is because the root of the tooth is secured by the dental bone and has no way of flexing or moving to absorb impact. The consiquential result is that the weaker or unsupported area of the tooth flexes and snaps at the base. When the lower teeth (for purpose of your question) are secured in the bite registration of the mouthguard they are stabilized against impact or movement from impact. The guard does what it should do and absorbs and deflects power from impact so the lower teeth recieve less force.
How deep is the negative supposed to be. I did the hot water thing like 4 times. There's an small imprint. Or what I feel is just enough for my teeth to slide into and not move around and slide when I chomp down but it's no where as deep as that one. My one's like tiny little indents compared to the one up top.
Tom took a mini torch and heated the bottom than I pushed down on it for liek 2 minutes?
Yeah I hear the way he does it. I wouldn't trust myself with a mini torch on something I paid that much on. I just stuck to the boiling water method he's outlined
Well this is exactly how he did it: He basically put a mini blow torch (it was hand held size) with a flame of about 3 inches onto the mouthguard and heated it evenly for about 30 seconds or so. It was long enough so that the bottom got hot and heated but its not hot that itll burn your mouth. Once heated for about 30 seconds, insert into the mouth and bite hard for about a minute. I suggest you try it.