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Cool, I like that set up, it looks a lot like Art Devany's site.
Mike is a Mod over at I like most of his work.
I take it he likes trail running. LOL

There's a trail right by my house but it's overpopulated with senior citizens.
How weird, I was just reading that site after googling info on IF.
I'd like to know what other sites are on your reading list.
I love trail running. I need to find one again. I have a little trail actually behind my house but it basically goes straight. I like it when you have to keep on adjusting to the trail and just moving in different directions. So much fun.
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Thanks Vedic
No worries. He comes off a lot like me in the PM forum:) But none the less, a very cool cat, with quite a bit of knowledge.
For those who have done IF, does it take awhile to adjust to? My new job basically requires me to IF. So far, it makes me feel like crap. I'm starving and "off" all day, then when I get home, I'm forced to compensate by getting the calories I need in a much smaller window of time. This leaves me feeling all stuffed and bloated. I hate it.
I have found three weeks to be the normal adjutment window. Ronin asked me about this a while back in a PM.

Let me get a little more into this.

Every diet I put a client on, whether it be a climber, fighter or soccer mom I tell them all the same thing. No matter what ****bolic shift, or diet shift you partake in, there will always be a adjustment period. Just like recovery changes when you go from GVT to 5x5 etc.

Its never going to be a overnight thing. I was forced into IF when last fall I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Granted I am fine now. But when it happened, I just wasn't hungry that much, so for five hours a day I force fed myself. Once my treatment was done I was completely IF, and post treatment I am the healthiest I have been in years, using the least amount of supps ever, and eating less food than before.

So,,,,,,,, when people come to me with IF advice this is where I start with recomendations.

1. First week start with two days of IF, two weeks later, if everything is ok and sides aren't present switch to three days. key thing to keep in mind, is IF is almost like a natural detox. Not the BS crap you buy in the store, but studies are finding as well as through mine and Robb's clients that it makes your body much more efficient. Coffee will feel stronger, if you have ADHD etc, it will go up a bit at first, same with anxiety etc. its the bodies own way of adjusting and working it out.

2. Be patient, just like training doesn't work overnight, neither does switching diets. Three weeks in, then 2 weeks increments after that is when I believe it should be adjusted accordingly.

3. Eat the right foods. I have noticed I am able to cheat more on IF, but while taking in a less amount of food, take in better quality. First meal everyday, is oats and whey, I plan my window for the day around my workouts. I have found that with three good FOOD meals works extremely well for me. For others maybe less maybe more.

4. Don't do it all week. it's called sanity guys, and IFing everyday isn't fun, neither is eating zone day in day out. I eat IF monday through firday, I know guys that only do it three days a week, but no one over 5. I have my daughter on the weekends and when she wants IHOP, I eat my pancakes, and sausage and eggs, well outside of my normal window. Take the weekends off, enjoy yourself and enjoy your life, IF helps you live longer so enjoy it.

Finally IF is new, no one has the perfect answer yet, but in all honesty, after battling that this fall and being forced into IF, I am so glad that I did it.

As for being stuffed and bloated, you sound like a woman:)