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Dec 6, 2002
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they look cool and I'm flat footed and they feel good and I feel lighter on my feet....any disadvantages for grappling as in leverage compared to my big flat foot keeping me in good balance vs being light on my feet for the standup wrestling

anyone wear em' just for the fun of it?
use them in grappling comps?
only for muay thai, standup?
I have a pair for Muay Thai, although really, they do nothing at all, they're too loose. I ordered some Neoprene's from Amazon (thinking they were cheaper, but the picture showed a "pair", but they were actually indivudals, for $12). They were XL's and the sizing chart said these would fit size 13-15 feet. I wear size 14 in most shoes, size 15 in others. These are ridiculously too large. The L size would probably be too loose to protect my ankles.

I should have ordered from SSF. He would have rectified this. Amazon couldn't give a fuck.

That's what I get for being a tool.
Wearing ankle supports, ones, and doing Thai bag work = no no. Those at bulged ends and it rapes your foot.
I got 1 mc david one but I don't do standup
Actually, I'm going to play mad scientist with a cheapy pair that I got at a local 99 cents store. I put them on backwards, on purpose, and noticed that it covers the ball of my foot. By backwards, I mean shortside up.

I'm going to get some some sort of non-slip liquid to dip the part that covers the ball of the foot in for some extra grip. Not really sure that it'll do anything but you never know.
Makin a pair of those anklets like Dennis Hallman had on at 55 ay? Let me know if you manage to get something sorted
how much more vulnerable are you to leg locks???
anyone noticed mir's seem to be on backwards as well?
ShadowNINku said:
how much more vulnerable are you to leg locks???
anyone noticed mir's seem to be on backwards as well?

I think it depends on the models. Some have an open ankle so you dont have to worry about it. I guess there is a possibility of getting caught in foot locks, b/c you can't slide out as easy.
hmm...time to vaseline up my ankle supports for competitions.mwahahahahahaa.....
shit people wear shoes and shit in Sambo and its all about this so that more fights can end in subs more easily?

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