Ankle strap???


Jul 24, 2005
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In alot of the adcc tournaments i notice alot of the guys wearing a strap on one of their ankles. This looks like it would help alleviate some of the pain you get from keeping a tight guard. I have a closed guard game and just thought this might alleviate some of the stress on my ankle... Are these just made by the guys or does someone actualy sell them?
Just get some quality ankle supports. I recommend Nationman, fantastic but underrated Thai brand.
I think you mean shoes. Ankle straps and supports don't make much of a difference.
I think the anke things your speaking about are colored for the judges to see who scores what points! I think.
Ankle supports. They expose the toes and heals. The elastic sock covers the bottom of the foot and ankel. They are usually worn because of a sprain and to give support to the weaken area. Wearing one over a long period of time can do you more harm than good. It is suppose to be worn just for the healing period only. Wearing one beyond the healing time will not allow your muscel to regain full strenght.
nah i think J-braz is right... im not talking about an ankle support it is just a strap that sits right where you ankles cross when in the guard. It is probably for point distinction... i thought it could be an alleviate to the bruises i some times get on my ankles from keeping such a tight guard.

See the blue stap in the picture... ive never done No gi so i have no idea what it is.