Animal Pak Question.

MMA Wembly

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Feb 7, 2005
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I already did an advance search and nothing came up to fully answer my questions. So I thought that I would see what everyone has to say, and PLEASE ONLY PEOPLE THAT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE REALLY TAKLING ABOUT OR HAS A LINK TO VERIFY.

So i have been taking animal pak for about four weeks and I have seen some improvements but what weirds me out a little is that when I urinate after taking them my pee is a neon yellow green color. I have two friends that are taking them to and have the same thing happen. I have also noticed that other people in this forum saying the same thing. My question is does anyone really know why this happens?
I actually found that answer. Me and my freinds searched the internet hard and found it in the last place we thought to look, their website. I thought that I would post the answer so that other can know and people can discuss.

On they tell you what causes this. For you convenience I
Yeh it's weird seeing your urine that color. Happens to everyone who takes it.
While on the topic of the Animal Pak.. what is the difference in teh regular and the methoxy stack.. i've heard of some hard gains off of the methoxy stack..