animal mother is a f4ckin' idiot

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it isn't one question, J. there are simply some points of meat's that i asked for clarification on in the "so sexy beast..." thread that have yet to be addressed. i will ttt it when i see meat cruising around.

I'll respond to this latest barrage of questions but I've got better things to do than infinitely debate shit, after this I'm moving on.

Your questions on the other thread were roughly as follows, though I'm paraphrasing to keep it short:

Q: So you're lumping blue in with RTR, kage, Coleman, etc?

A: Yes, that's exactly what I'm doing. All of them have gotten banned and returned in an antagonistic manner, have shown no remorse and have a pattern of blatantly and vocally not giving a shit about the rules, all have been enough of a pain in the ass from a moderating standpoint that ALL the adminstrators (and a significant number of moderators) have determined that they're permanently banned. Any of them who want their fix could come back with a new IP, never reference their old account and no one would be the wiser. But we all know that's not how it works. They come back for the notoriety. Yes, I'm lumping him in with them.

Q: Regarding your comment "My perspective on the Blue/Sexy Beast situation is cut and dry and a dead horse", that's a tremendous attitude considering the state of the mma forums and the number of people who have expressed their desire to see blue let back in. Maybe the quality of the site should take precedence over the administration deciding to have it out for one member.

A: I don't know if I'd go so far as to call it "tremendous" but thank you. The "state" of the mma forum? I think it will somehow survive. As far as a number of people wanting blue back in. How many of that number had to deal with him from a moderating standpoint? I'm sure a number of people would like porn as well but it's a private forum not a democratic forum and it's governed by private dictates. All the administrators agreed upon it.

Q: Were any of Blue's accounts double yellowed upon his returns or was he just immediately banned?

A: Mr. Blue intentionally and knowingly set out to get banned. He knew it was coming and stated he didn't give a shit, which doesn't doesn't lend itself to the minor screwup category or warranting a second chance. He returned immediately as Mr. White on the "Blue is Banned!" thread. His first post was "I'm back" followed by comments that the banning did nothing except wipe out his postcount, it was worth it, he'd do it again and that that IP bannings meant jackshit, he could get around them all he wanted and there was nothing that could be done about it. He was spotted and rebanned after six or seven posts. Double yellows seemed a tad pointless.

Q: Blue has a massive ego and was still heated from what he felt was an unfair situation don't you think it's ridiculous to hold that against him?

A: Massive ego or being "heated" doesn't mean anything. Unfair situation? He stated himself he knew he was going to get banned for it, and then he went through with it. I don't think it's ridiculous.

Q: Guys like RTR and kage got alot of chances and they brought zilch to the site, unlike blue.

A: RTR and kage had alot of chances with Hojak, I allowed them a shot of my own, they both blew it and they're both gone.

Q: It must be personal, if not with you with one of the other admins.

A: Personal conflict didn't force him to get banned and return in the manner he did. All the administrators were in immediate agreement, as well as the senior mods who'd spent time banning his accounts. Icemanfan got exactly the same treatment at the same time.

As far as this whole "what's the policy for banned guys getting back in after they're banned" shit, the whole notion is pretty fucking ridiculous to me and I'm not drafting a fifty page "this is what happens to banned guys" statement to cover every possible nuance and angle. The "Official Sherdog Policy" is this. If you want to stay here, DON'T GET BANNED! IF THE ADMINISTRATORS OF THE PRIVATE SITE WANT TO ALLOW YOU TO COME BACK THEY'LL ALLOW YOU TO COME BACK WITH WHATEVER STIPULATIONS THEY THINK ARE APPROPRIATE. IF THEY DON'T WANT YOU BACK YOU WON'T BE COMING BACK.

If you think the administration is shit have Jeff and Garrett get new administrators, it wouldn't be unprecedented.

That's really all I have to say on the matter and I'm done with it.

Have a good one.
You're still on dial-up? The way I see it...anyone that has to wait that long for a page to load should have spend the loading time thinking of a good post to put down there but obviously that's not the way you see it.
Where the fuck do you live? I think that's just God's way of telling to you get the fuck out.
Great thread. I was sure Meat would come out on the bottom after the first verbal barrage. In an amazing reversal, Animal mother ends up admitting defeat, leaving all his klingons hanging in the wind.
"Us"? Who exactly are you speaking on behalf of? Clueless fucking whitebelts, this pissbelt is now your voice. My post was a jibe, and wasn't directed at you.
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You left out the part where the pack of dogs mindlessly ganged up on Meat in a situation that was none of anybody's business and made the OT crew out to look like a bunch of fucking idiots. Way to fight the power.

Cybercoma needs to post on this thread again.
oh i get it...haha, you expected more out of meat...
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33.6 kbps... anyone who can't afford a better connection than that doesn't deserve to have the internet

My connection PEAKS at 28.8kbps. It isn't because I can't afford a better connection, it's because there IS no better connection. Wait, I take it back. I can get the DirecTV high speed connection, which is $70/month + equipment upgrade cost, but other than that I'm fooked because the phone lines are shitty here and I live too far in the country to get a good connection. I don't really trust DirecTV to keep a steady connection either, as a strong fart from a fat woman five miles away will sometimes disturb my signal (wind blowing tree limbs literally will fuck up my signal). I make up for this slow connection by "Opening in a new window" a bunch of threads, and waiting for them to load. It's not too slow to be honest.
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Where the fuck do you live? I think that's just God's way of telling to you get the fuck out.

I live in Hogfuck, MS. I have no intellectual gifts or abilities, so I'm stuck here forever. [/angst]
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I don't see how Meat Fist came out on the bottom of any arguments, in any threads posted in the last 48 hours. The admins do not have to explain anything to anyone, I think you guys should be grateful that they are giving a bunch of sorry, whiney ass bitches time of day enough to try and explain their reasonings to you. I went and read all that has been said this morning and last night, and I fully understand, so why don't the self proclaimed most intelligent posters on Sherdog get the point? Honestly guys flame me if you want to, but I think all of this is getting to be beyond lame. The only reason anyone says anything is because they are under the impression that if they clutter up the boards and bitch loudly enough that something will go their way, while the truth behind the matter is they will say something wrong eventually, and get carded for it. As the saying goes, just my opinion.


People get called out if they did something potentially stupid. We want justification of the mental sparring begins. Typically these threads run pages deep with someone being made an ass.

And in checking the back logs of the forum, I see many threads that you've been in have run many pages deep. I'm guessing that's not a coincidence.
Gee...this is ridiculously out of proportion. Meat, how about breaking your ego and give in to the mob for once? Don't you see that you're just loosing respect?
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here's what happened. i thought he locked my thread and deleted my post. he did not. i apologized. end of story. well, maybe not. he still has yet to respond to my original post which will be ttt'ed the next time i see him cruising the boards.
You left out the part where the pack of dogs mindlessly ganged up on Meat in a situation that was none of anybody's business and made the OT crew out to look like a bunch of fucking idiots. Way to fight the power.
I like Blue and it would be cool to see him back, but

A) Banning as a final deathstroke is kind of cool in my book, it makes shit that much crazier

B) This has been covered a million times.

I guess we'll just have to stick to the "RIP Blue" in the sigs.
animal mother is a fucking idiot
1. How did I know he wasn't going to "debate" me, I've never spoken to him other than banning the shit out of him. I thought I'd give him a shot. He did didn't respond. I owed him dick.

2. I've answered ALL of you questions and I haven't deleted one post in over two months. I archived my statement not for it's brilliance, but becuase I've said the same stupid shit to twenty people on the board and in pms. Instead of telling them they could suck my dick, I can tell them to suck my dick and go to the archives. It's all very expedient.
Listen here, where didn't I answer your every questions, not that I owe you shit. Where did you break down shit and I ran from it and got tired of discussing anything? I've never deleted a fucking thing, Where do you get the balls to call me a fucking liar? I've never lied about anything here. You question my authority and accuse me of taking the cowardly way out of anything? Back it up.
I moved it to the archives AFTER my comments because I've spent 20 hours explain the intricacies of how idiots get banned and what my policy is on returning "banned" jerkoffs and got sick of explaining it. Insteading of telling them to read the rules, go fuck themselves and go to hell, I can tell them to read the rules go fuck themselves, go to hell and their braindead friends can go to the archives instead of asking me wha happen???