An Idea on the Arm Bar


Doug Makenzie

I have put arm bars on people before and some times they were hard to hold i was

wondering if anybody considered holding the opponents wrist with your four arm the same as a rear naked choke? I havnt tired it yet but i think it might be better against stronger guys, what do you think?
i usually put one arm over the arm and push it against my chest and have my other hand turning his hand thumbs up,
grab the tricep of the arm you want to armbar, more stronger and less sweat in that area
If you don't have wrist control he can easily turn it, and then remove pressure against his elbow. Then he escapes.

In summary : That is a shitty idea. You can pull it straight with the forearm, but to finish you need wrist control with your hands.
I think its more of a problem with your hip position... Get your but closer up on his shoulder and just hold the wrist........ If you want extra help use one hand on the wrist, one hand on your opposing lapel, or your opposing tricep and hug the arm.

Triangling the arm would be weird and i think they will slip right out.
guys do it in mma where the gloves allow you some manner of control, but for sub grappling there's not much point in doing that.
make sure you're pinching your knees together as well on his arm. that will keep more secure and allow you to break the arm easier.
it depends... if it works for you do it...