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Discussion in 'Grappling Technique' started by Lester McGrath, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. Lester McGrath Yellow Belt

    Sep 7, 2004
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    Vega Alta, Puerto Rico
    Looking for anything related: rules, guidelines, website, etc.

    Thank you
  2. Green Whale Green Belt

    May 24, 2004
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    Did you try searching it? I've seen it on video. Pretty cool. They had gloves on, punched, kicked, did throws and grappled on the ground too. Not sure at all how the rules really were. I think there were points even for striking but I'm not sure.
  3. Lester McGrath Yellow Belt

    Sep 7, 2004
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    Vega Alta, Puerto Rico
    Yes. My instructors competed a long time ago and wanted to see the current rules and regulations.
    It's pretty much the best way for karate, Judo, and JJ practitioners to compete against each other. You get points for striking, throwing(but no ippon) and grappling. You can finish a fight if you submit opponent in less than 30 seconds.
  4. mrsubmission White Belt

    Aug 10, 2003
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    KUMITE - Free Style Fighting Rules
    Each match consists of two 2 minute continuous action rounds (all matches under adult black
    belt will consist of two 1 minute rounds) with 30 second break between rounds (15 second
    for all divisions under adult black belt). Players win by decision or by tap out submission
    (submission by referee intervention will result in points awarded). Points can also be achieved
    for kicks, punches, throws, take-downs and ground work.

    The criteria for grappling allows a player to hold his/her opponent in any legal manner for 5 seconds
    while standing and working for a take-down or throw. If a throw or take-down has not
    occurred the players are separated and signaled to continue. A full throw (both feet leaving the
    mat) scores 3 points. A half throw (one foot leaving the mat) scores 2 points. When a player has
    been taken to the ground, his/her opponent has 3 seconds to score with a strike (hand only). The
    player taken down can also score from the mat with a counter throw, sweep or strike (hand or
    foot). A player who is on the ground because of an illegal technique may not be scored on.

    Each time both players end up on the mat following a legal sweep, take-down, or throw, they are
    given up to 30 seconds of ground work (all divisions under adult black belt have 10 seconds of
    ground work) to achieve mount points or submission. At the end of grappling time the players are
    separated, brought back to their feet and resume fighting. Absolutely no chokes or joint locks in
    any division under the age of 13. The primary grappling objective of these divisions will be to
    achieve throws and the mounted position.

    In the case of a draw at the end of two rounds, an additional round will be fought. If it is still a draw,
    the three judges will accumulate the points for each fighter, with the most accumulated points
    determining the winner.

    Points are awarded:
    1 Point - is awarded for crisp, clean striking techniques delivered to the body with either hand or
    foot. In the adult black belt divisions stiff contact to the body is mandatory to score a point.
    2 Points - are awarded for a controlled kick to the head that makes no more than light contact
    (no contact to the head is allowed under adult brown & black belt divisions).
    2 Points - are awarded for achieving the mounted position during ground work (this position
    must be held for 10 seconds as determined by the center referee). All divisions under black belt
    must control the mount for five seconds to be awarded points.
    2 Points - for a throw or sweep that causes one foot to leave the mat and result in a take-down.
    3 Points - for a throw or sweep that causes both feet to leave the mat and results in a take-down.
    4 Points - for a submission by referee intervention (Intervention would be to prevent injury)
    A player who causes his/her opponent to submit by tapping out gets the win.

    Illegal Techniques:
    Fouls must be determined by a minimum of three judges. No striking to the face mask area
    (nose and eyes), groin, spine, nor against any joint. Absolutely no head contact in any division
    under adult brown belt (18 and over). Points will be awarded for crisp clean techniques to the
    body and controlled techniques to the head. Strikes can be delivered with only the hand or foot
    (No knees, elbows, or head-butts). On the second warning, two points will be given to the
    opponent. A third warning results in automatic disqualification. If a fighter is running outside of
    the ring simply to avoid engaging with the opponent, one warning will be given. Each additional
    time there after, two points will be given to the opponent and fighters will be returned to the center
    of the ring by the referee to resume in a grappling (standing lock-up) position. Once fighters are
    in a grappling situation with both hands on, there is no striking. If only one hand is on, then fighters
    are allowed one strike. When a fighter is taken to the mat, his opponent has three seconds to score.

    Only one sensei or coach is allowed in the competition area. All others must be outside of the barrier.

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