Amateur Fighter Tag And Name Change

Nathan LaMontagne

Amateur Fighter
Jun 19, 2003
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I Used The Search Function to no real avail

I Was Wondering How Exactly i Go About getting the Amateur Fighter Tag

(Ive Had More than one amateur fight)

i was wondering if i needed to prove it somehow

also if possible id like to change my Screenname to my actual name

if a mod or admin could help me out i'd be very appreciative

Thanks In Advance:icon_chee
oh shit my bad

for some reason i just searched this forum
instead of all of them

my apologies:redface:
To Save you some room in your PM Box

Full Name: Nathan LaMontagne

Last Event: PAL Boxing At The Minami Center
Apr. 19th 2006
(Santa Maria, California)
it was a co-promotional event
there was boxing, kickboxing and MMA

Opponent: Jamie _______

i cant remember right at this moment
but i can find out if you'd like