Am I getting Ripped off?


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Nov 6, 2002
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I ordered some BTT shorts from, I want to
return them and get a refund but they said this.....

"You paid $18.95 for Express shipping. The total cost of this shipping
is $31, we do subside a part of the shipping to make it more affordable
our customers, so we will refund you for the total of the order minus
Please let me know if you have any questions.


Pedro Barcellos, Founder"

Is this true?
Yeah, probably. Mass-shippers usually eat cost on shipping prices (i.e. DPS Nutrion will charge you $5 if you order 1 pound or 15 pounds of supplements).

But I don't know for sure. SSF or one of the retailers here will probably respond.
I can only speak for the way I do it. I will sometimes reduce my selling price to help with shipping cost over seas. If someone want's to ruturn something I give them a DHL or FedEx number to charge the shipping to and I give them a full refund. I eat all cost of shipping.
If I give you wrong sizing info and the fit isn't right or your not happy with the product it's not your fault. You gave me your trust in doing business with me and sometimes things don't work out so I feel that I owe it to the customer to fix it.
If they are giving you cheaper shipping, they should just give it to you.
We get returned packages once in a blue moon and is stated in our shipping/return policy that all returned packages will be shipped at the customer expense and the refund will be the order minus the initially shipping cost . We also eat a lot of shipping expenses e.g. it costs about $25 to ship a Gi in economic method from Brasil and we charge just $7.95..

Unless is something agreed between both parties we can refund shipping costs.

But all stores have a different policy and customer should read that first and decide whether or not to order.

Our 2 Cents,