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Almost 6 months


Saggin' pants. Gat in hand.
Jan 21, 2006
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My 6 month BJJ anniversary is coming up soon, so I made a nice 'highlight' :rolleyes: from some footage of me rolling. You must scroll down to 'FREE' and input a 3 digit code to prevent automated downloads, I'm sure you'll all have no problems. I'd post this in the multimedia section as well, but I think grapplers will be more interested, there are no knockouts, a slam though! Honest! On the ground too, none of this sappy mat stuff. Pure Earth. I'm practically a samurai. I mean, unless you know a samurai, in which case I'm not really.

Pine's Self Indulgent Clip of Instant Shame
just downloading now.
im at the 6 month point as well.

i got my first stripe after my first contest in november.
looking at getting my next stripe for my next comp in february.
Sweet, people are seeing it.
25 downloads, I should host a telethon.