Allergic to Whey. Alternatives?


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Jul 23, 2003
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Hey, so I think I may have an allergy to the whey protein I've been consuming. I always have allergies, especially in the morning where I just start sneezing and getting congested. I started cutting out milk cause I learned that many people are allergic to the lactose, and things improved a bit. Then I happened to run out of my whey protein and all my allergy symptoms went away. They came back after a few days when I got another bottle. I never suspected whey because I was always told that whey protein has very little lactose in it, but then I researched this and found some people are allergic to the lactose in milk while others are allergic to some actual dairy protein. Just wondering, any of you ever hear of whey allergies?

So I guess I need to find another good economical source of protein. I get lots of protein from meat and other whole foods, but I'm trying to gain weight so a powder on the side really helps. I'm a bit weary about Soy as I've heard some real iffy downsides to it. What else would you guys recommend besides Whey and Soy?

avoid soy like the plague...

whey only stays in ur system for only 2-3 hrs..i haven't had any problems w/it however, i'm allergic to the casein proteins in milk that can stay in ur system for 7+hrs..

try out egg protein..
i read about this stuff made out of a byproduct of goats milk called goatien. i know it sounds stupid but i'll try to find a link for you.
you could go with hemp or rice protein but the actual protein content is rather low relative to other protein powders. i think it's about 11g/serving.
i've ordered hemp protein from and .
i've seen rice protein for sale at whole foods but i've never tried it.

right now i'm taking pure advantage pea protein which has 25g/serving. the only thing is it's a little on the sweet side for me.
if you do a search online you can find it for cheaper.
You said economical brand. What brand is it? Did you use the same brand when you stopped and started back up? Maybe you are allergic to something other than the whey? Maybe some filler they use. You might try a whey isolate. They are suppose to have less lactose in them, however they are more expensive.