AL BUNDY has a blackbelt in bjj


Too $hort

really thats fucking odd and cool at the same time,check wilkipedia.
He's been doing BJJ for well over a decade. I know what you mean though.
Never knew that he had gotten BLACK! Good job Bundy :icon_chee
I still want to see Chuck norris v Ed O'Neil in a celebrity BJJ match.
this accomplishment pales in comparison to him scoring 4 touchdowns in the state championship game.
i knew he was a brown, didn't know he got his black.

eh, i'd rather score 4 touchdowns in 1 game any day.
On Sherdog Radio last night he said he's rolled with Helio 15 times. I found that pretty amazing.
I knew he trained but I didn't know he got his black belt. That's awesome. Too bad he hasn't been on tv too much since Married with Children. :(
I wonder how much they bleed him over the years for privates?
since when did the threads start being limited to 15 posts per page???

this is madness!