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Nov 19, 2007
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I should be coming back to BJJ after extended injuries. Had some knee problems since November, decided in Feb. That it would be best for me to let them recover before i continued.

What kind of things can i do to help ease myself back in?

I'm thinking i go in like it was my first class, i'm not very experienced (maybe 4-5 months of 2 times a week).

I think if i go in like its my first class i'll do better and maybe it can be like a fresh start.

Any thoughts?
Talk to your coach and tell him your situation and ask for his advice. I wouldn't go in like its your first class. Just go through the moves slowly and work more on your technique. Once you feel more comfortable speed it up a little.
Thing is, all i can remember are a few simple sweeps and basic armbar and triangle from guard.

The coach knows my situation, though so do a couple of the more experienced grapplers who i ask for advice.

I can't wait to get back into it, though. I have more time than before, more time to dedicate myself and i finally have the time to start some Thai Boxing.
I have been in a similar situations once for neck injury and now recovery from acl replacement. First thing is get your strength back, secondly (this is what I did when I had the neck injury) is do solo drills like shrimping, reverse shrimps, upa, spin outs, practice mounts and side control on a duffel bag if you have one.

I wouldn't go to class like it's your first day, but as someone coming off an injury. Explain your situation with your knee and ask them to work with you on it and hope you don't get the dick who after I tell him I just came back from a neck injury slapped a can opener on me when I had him in guard.
just take it slow and feel it out. I'm in a similar situation myself
Did you do some form of rehab? And if you did, did you explain to them the kind of activities you are into? I think it be wise to find out this kind of information from someone like that who could give you the safest/best advice.

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