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I took a quick glance at the Battle of the Belts promo and thought they were giving AEW legend Scorpio Sky a shot at Hook lol
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I used to watch her on My Free Cams back in the day

So far . . .

Swerve attacking Joe is an interesting choice for an opener. Let's see where it goes.

Penta vs Copeland was good. Julia hart can get it and willow is a bbw I'd do some nasty things with.

The footage segment . . . No comment . . .
When ftr came out and commentary said "that's not on our format", that's literally a line from the wcw commentary team we're using during 2000 . . .
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Good video package for danielson.

Good promo from osprey for the most part. I wanted to shit on him responding to hhh, but then again hunter went in on it first so fair for will to respond. The rest of the promo was good.

The hook signal is lame. Pairing an old star with a young guy is normally smart but Jericho is welllll past his welcome with the aew fans now so maybe best to get hook away from him.
The 2000 WCW comparisons are in bad faith. This is more like 2004 TNA between Russo leaving and them getting on Spike, with good wrestling and the shows are just boring.
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