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Advice needed, just entered the Gracie invertaional, London its my first comp!

Having only done one myself (and doing badly- possibly due to the three days of diarrhoea beforehand possibly due to the inexperience possibly just due to me sucking.. ok all three) but I CAN tell you what most people WILL say:

-Sort out your cardio: you'll be pissed off if you gas and that's the only reason you lost

-Train your takedowns/standup grappling: You'll also be pissed off if you loose because you got taken down off the bat straight into side/mount etc and couldn't even work the guard.

-Have fun: If it's your first the general consensus is don't expect to win but expect to learn about competing in general and about holes in your game.

I, for example, learned that a surefire path to sucking is not to open my guard at all and just to sit there- I've since forced myself to be a little more offensive and it's genuinely improved me MASSIVELY (obviously). And that's just from one match... which I lost :redface:

Enjoy the atmosphere and the buzz you get for just competing.

Where you training, btw?- EDIT: Never mind- just saw you're a scouser (or at least living in L'pool).
thanks for the tips,

i've not worked takedowns at all yet, all of my rolling so far has been off my knees so i'll get my coach to take me through a few things on my next session,

i have no pretences about winning its just for the experiance so i can learn for some of the smaller comps later in the year when i'm a bit slicker off my back and have more all round experiance.

i'm training at two different gyms but under the same instuctor Sapphire gym in huyton liverpool and Wolfslair MMA accadamy ( athough i'm not training MMA just BJJ) two great gyms with plenty of guy's to train with.

are you based in the uk? edit sorry didn't read your sig:rolleyes: