Adrenaline fight gear


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Feb 5, 2004
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I've seen Fedor, Randleman, Coleman, etc wear this gear with the Adrenaline logo on the front or back...any idea where they get it..I'd be damned if can locate it?
never seen the stuff on any webpages for sell either. see the name mentioned in some articals, but no products.
I think that Bad Breed, John Pack, came out with those Adrenaline Shirts. Unfortunately, to our understanding, they are out of business.
I did once find a Coleman adrenaline jersey on PRIDE's Japanese store, but it's not on there anymore.

Edit: Hunting around I did see some Adrenaline brand athletic stuff but all of the stores were out of stock or no longer carried it, I think Gameness is right and they're out of business. I can't even think of the brand Fedor has worn in his last few, gotta go check out the TK massacre