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Adidas Powerlift Trainer shoe review


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Oct 3, 2011
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Hi guys.

I couldn't find a review on these on here, and since ya'll are always so helpful I figured I'd try and pay it forward. This is my first review so bear with me.

The reasons I picked these as opposed to Pendlays was I have Adidas shoes so I could size them and I like the fit of Adidas. They're exactly the same size as my Adidas running shoes and I'm happy with the fit.

Also, I live in a town of just over 10000 people in Canada, there isn't a strength training specific store here and none of the sport stores carried them. They have the Reebok Oly crossfit thing ones now, but not when I ordered these.

To be fair, when I asked the guy at SportChek about them he offered to size me with a different pair of Adidas so I could order them, so that was pretty cool.

And my observations:

1) Finding them was impossible. Ended up ordering from Adidas, they came quick and shipped pretty cheap. No complaints. Pendlays would have been easier to find, but like I said I was unsure of the sizing on Pendlays.

2) Fit and finish is gorgeous. These are awesome looking shoes, awesomely made shoes. I have Adidas running shoes, driving shoes and mat shoes as well and they're all fantastic, but these are the best of the lot. I can honestly say the stitching is as good as my $150 dress shoes. I can't rave about this enough. I should do some detail shots for you guys tomorrow so you can see this.

3) Wearing them around, they feel like skates. Very compressive and tight, and they felt like they were a little prickly at first. This wore out of them in about two hours. I haven't worn them outside obviously and I probably never will.

4) Finally, I went squatting in them. They feel much more stable and much more comfortable than my usual lifting shoes which are a flat sole. I also noticed that the inside of my feet got torn up a little. My theory is that with my other shoes, as I went down into my squat my feet "rolled" over the sole on the outside of the shoe and I drove through the outside of my feet rather than the heels. The Adidas fix that issue. I have to set aside a week to work on my power clean and snatch technique sometime soon and I will post how I like them for Oly lifting then.

5) They did not add any weight to my squat but a) I didn't push that hard on them yet and b) I didn't expect them to, that's not what I want gear to do.

Overall I am happy with these. Hopefully even my limited knowledge can help someone out who decides to look for these, I couldn't find a review on these on here.

EDIT: Here's the thread I made when I was considering these. http://www.sherdog.net/forums/f16/adidas-powerlift-trainer-shoes-2317659/