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Jul 31, 2002
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We have compiled a good size list of BJJ and grappling academies to train but we are lacking in gyms for striking. Take a minute to add the gym you train standup at, it'll help others out a lot. This directory was made to help anyone trying to find a local place to train combat sports.

You don't need to register to add a listing just choose the state or country of the gym and click add listing in the right column.
My gym is on there already but I'll put up every other gym in my area.
Remember Me? said:
My gym is on there already but I'll put up every other gym in my area.

Cool and you can also put in a review or rating for the gyms that are listed. Helps give others feedback before joining.
I'll put mine up when I get home
I've been on it all day and have seen no issues. Btw thanks to those that added their boxing/kickboxing gym. Keep them coming, it helps everyone that trains out.
a little bit of advise for those submitting their gyms. You can add a 100x100 pixel image of your gym or logo. Listings with images will get more exposure throughout the site within "At A Glance" section.
almost up to 200 gyms thanks to you guys! keep em coming.
Hey guys we added a "Monthly Cost" field to listings. I think this will be of value to people when looking for gyms. So if you have added a previous gym listing and want to update it with the monthly cost please email us here, tell us the listing and the monthly cost and we will update it. Thanks.
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