I have #3 and its pretty good. comprido v roleta is awesome, jj machado v arona is good too, shaolin vs rumina sato as there are a lot of other fights with slick submissions, barret yoshida's flying armbar comes to mind.

however, imo watching the whole tournament for a weight class is better.
I also have #3 and wholeheartedly agree with colinm. Some good stuff on the DVD but there are also couple of matches that are boring as hell, for example Kerr/Barnett and Sudo/Belfort, they have kind of an "fill-in material"-feeling. I'd much rather watch for all the matches from one weight-class. If you manage to get them at a cheap price, sure why not.
Yes, I pre-ordered the ADCC 2005 set from them and also a couple others in the last year. Very reliable.