ADCC 2005 - DVD Set

Dude, didn't see the DVD's but was there live... Yes, definitely worth it. As soon as I have the money I'm buying it.
I have heard good things about it. Is there commentary on those DVDs, or is it just the matches like the past ADCC stuff?
How many matches are there and how long does the movie run for? Anybody know?
My friend has it. I have not seen it but he loves it. I am just waiting to borrow it from him.

theres commentary for all the final matches except for absolute, and maybe womens..
I bought it from fight market 3 days ago... but I haven't received it yet! hope it doesn't take much longer, the wait is killing me :)
how long does it run? well lets see, it took 2 full days of competition, 3 mats at a time. thats a very long DVD. i was there live and loved each and every moment of it. it probably is a must buy
I have it. i was the first to get it actually. go to and order, they're very reliable and I have always had excellent service from them. As far as the set, it is easily the best yet. Every weight class has incredible battles, the woman are on there too. Commentary is only on the finals, and it's Ediie Bravo talking shit about how he would tap Marcio Feitosa, which is funny, but who the hell buys adcc for commentary anyway? Any other questions just ask or pm me if I dont reply.