Actual stores that sell gi's in Orange County?


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Apr 9, 2008
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Hi, i really hate to ask but i've searched and read what seems like a million threads and haven't really found my answer.

Is there a place in Orange County where I can go and try on the gi before I buy? I know about budovideos, but its going to be hard for me to get there before they close (6pm) with work and all. My pro shop charges an arm and a leg for gis.

Any help would be appreciated!!!

(sorry for being such a newb. i've lurked sherdog for years, just never had a reason to post. the forums i post on arent answering my question. THANKS!)
yup OTM in huntington beach,, hey clamp what's with this place musashi? never heard of it,, do they carry all types of gear?
they pretty much sell TMA stuff but they carry Gi's and MT equipment and also rent instuctionals. I've only been there once though to get cloth shinguards. It's on Beach and Lampson.
question, what is TMA?

and between budovideos, OTM and musashi, what would be the best place to buy a gi? i want to go after work today. i couldnt seem to find a website for musashi, just a listing on google maps. its in stanton, correct?

so, where would i get the best price out of these 3 places? does OTM sell fuji gi's? i hear they are good for the money.
Traditional Martial Arts TMA. it's in Stanton and I would go to OTM but it wouldn't hurt to check them both.
The jiu jitsu pro gear store is in the LA area too. I don't know how far its from OC though.

I didn't see any Fuji gis on OTMs website or in the OTM shop in San Jose so I don't think they sell Fuji. I bought my Fuji gi from and I'm happy with their service and everything.
I've only bought my gi's from budo.. both gameness, the single and pearl. they were very helpful when I initially bought the single weave explained fit, proper care, shrinkage etc.. and everything on the website is there unless soldout.
We are 20/30 minutes away from OC. We have several gi brands at our Mega Fight Store. Check it out ! We got custumers from OC all the time !
ok well i rushed my ass to budovideos after work... (they close at 6) got there right before closing. the guys there were really cool and helpful and helped me decide on a white gameness single. the blue fuji fit just right, but the gameness was a little big. considering shrinkage, i went with the gameness. thanks for all your input everyone.
where do you train that they charge an arm and a leg so you're forced to rush somewhere?
I have to rush there because i work til 5ish everyday and they close at 6 every day... and socal traffic blows.

anyways, i just started at no limits/lotus club. my second session is tonight! (i also checked out gracie barra america but it was too expensive and im poor.)
budovideos kicks ass. i wish they would have hired me.