A New Technique?


Bruce Lovely

I was thinking of a move known as the "Rear Naked Pile Drive". How could I explain this move in words?

I'm thinking its a pile driver on a naked guy where you press your face square into his ass crack before sitting down and dropping him on his head thus knocking his unconcious and breaking your own nose on his tail bone.

that doesn't work too well now does it? ;)

instead of having your face square into his ass crack, why not make it his face square into your ass crack.. tighten your ass muscle so his nose gets stuck in the hole and just sit on him? thus breaking his nose and making him unconcious with the smell?:D
Perhaps you pile drive his head square into your own package.

Its kind of like a fight ending move on both people's parts.
the bigger the package, the more damage it would cause.. or perhaps more pleasure for certain other people.. :eek:
Sounds like these techniques are from the infamous JOE SON DO! The MOST feared fighting system.
I say just drop his head square into your nuts. Just really crush the sons of bitches. Don't hold back, just fucking pop those nuts clean off if you can.
HAHAHAHAHA bruce just earned the top place in my best of sherdog comedians book :cool:

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