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A little question


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Oct 29, 2007
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Untill now Ive going to lessons , tranings of thai boxing and vale tudo , I now have the possibility to train bjj , instead of the vale tudo ( still training thai boxing in both cases though ) , so its bjj + thai boxing vs vale tudo + thai boxing .

The bjj are from a good trainer , however the mma lessons are not that good . But well you never know ,I would like to get better for fighting in mma , so that I could possibly 1 day have a fight or something ;) . Which would you say is better ? I think Ill go for the bjj , and possibly go for mma once in a month or something to get the bjj and thai boxing techniques a bit synchronized . What do you think ?
Sounds like you already made your decision. It will probably be a good choice. A good training environment is critical. If you feel you aren't training well enough in your vale tudo classes, then a change could help you.
I dont doubt it will , its just that ... I always though that unless your a professional its not good for you to split your the areas that you need to train into more , thus going to lessons of vale tudo which are good overall would be better ... but I dont know , I hope I dont have any problems with using bjj in a vale tudo training or something . Its just 2 different things and I hope , and guess that it wont be that hard to get the skills from 1 to other .
I think it's the opposite. As a beginner, you should try to learn your disciplines separately (in terms of individual lessons, not in terms of going to two different types of classes during the same time period). Training straight up MMA could cause you to become over-reliant on certain tools, whereas training separate areas and then bringing them together once you are skilled will tend to increase the effectiveness of each.
Wow yeah thats true , I would tend to not do things which arent good at the beggining , but good once you get some experience are better . Ok Ill go for the bjj lessons.