8pounds in 7days,


Apr 30, 2005
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i have a submission tournament coming up next weekend that i would like to loose a few pounds to, i usually compete in about 73kg but this tournament has the wightclasses from 70 to 76kg, so ive already started by cutting down on carbs only eating a few avaocados and protein shakes,

i know it's not alot of weight and i could eaysily water cut all the weight but do you guys think i have a chance to loose this weight good before next saturday??
and also what kind of food is the best to eat if i wan't to loose the weight without fatiguen on training?
So, I take it you are currently over the 76kg weight?
Depends on when the weigh in is. I had a weigh in a week prior to the fight. I had to be 165, and dieted down from 175-180 to about 169ish in a month or so.

The day of I didn't eat a thing except a bananna. The few days prior I drank around 2-3 gallons of water a day to get my body used to excreting a large amount of water and the night before drank my last glass. I pissed all night and lost a lot of water. I also took a gentle laxative that night. The next day I woke up around 166 or 167ish. From not eating and working all day I got down to 163. If I needed to I could also have run a bit and lost 2-3 more lbs. Since I didn't I just weighed in and ate dinner.

This is only because I had a full week to recover. If its just before the fight, I would say no. If its the night before if you know how to hydrate yourrself correctly I would say its possible.
no i'm about 73kg, and wan't to get down to -70kg, the weigh in is about 2-3hours before the matches sothat's why i don't wan't to cut to much weight,

i weighed 71,5kg today and it's on saturday i'm gonna fight, i think the weigh in is about 2-3hours before