$75 gift card Best Buy - What Blender to buy


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Dec 17, 2012
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So I am interested in buying a Blender and/or Food processor
My budget is $100 (75 giftcard + $25cash) excluding tax.

I dont want to own something that will dull out or break on me in a few months, so I have no idea what are good brands.


My choices are:





I just dont know which is good.

Priorities - Smoothies, and Pasta sauces

Secondary Use - chopping veggies (not a big deal, I can do it by hand)
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A good blender is a good idea, but they aren't cheap. You probably won't need a food processor, and you can get away with just buying caffeine pills in leiu of coffee.
My dad just got me one of those ninja blenders for christmas. It comes with a second container that is shaped and sized like a food processor. The 3 sets of blades make blending and chopping/food processing a 2 in 1 deal. My only gripe is that with my old blender I would leave it running and take the top off to pour in powders, so they didnt get chunky, which wouldnt be possible with this one, because the motor is on the top.

Without sounding too much like an infomercial you should check it out, they run at less than 40 bucks I'm sure.
Go with the blender. You can make smoothies in some food processors, but its not going to be worth the effort.

You can get a decent blender for $100 or less. Its not going to be a Blendtec or Vitamix, but it will work. Check out the reviews and see how they fair for doing smoothies.
You can get a french press for a few bucks and that will take care of all your coffee needs.

nevermind I just learned the difference.
Yeah for the time being, Blender and I'll get a food processor later down the road.
Most food processors are going to cut everything up, and won't give you the same consistency as a blended smoothie. Might be worth researching and see if there is something marketed as being multipurpose.

You can get a decent food processor at Walmart for less than twenty bucks. You are probably better of buying them individually.
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I own a Blendtec (best money can buy) but also the Ninja Pulse.

I use the Ninja much more due to individual serving size. The power is still more than adequate to liquify fruit and veggies (albeit not as crazily well as the blendtec). I use it everyday.

However, if you can, I'd reccomend spending a little extra and getting the Ninja Mega System.
Much more power, has both full and individual serving size, PLUS doubles as a food processor.

If not, get that more powerful ninja and see if you can buy the individual serving cups/blade for it. You usually can for under $20. Best of both worlds.
The correct answer is to buy a $75 kindle amazon gift card at bestbuy and then get a higher quality blender for half the price from amazon.
I have a Ninja Blender at it's the best blender I've ever used.
I have a Ninja Blender at it's the best blender I've ever used.

I haven't heard many bad things about them. I ended up spending way more than I should and went with a Blendtec, but I was on the verge of picking one of the Ninjas up. On a budget, the Ninja will probably treat you well.