5th Round Finishes


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Sep 30, 2009
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Being a JDS fan I was of course hoping for a 5th round finish wich got me thinking, there have not been very many of those.

I know of Penn Vs. Sanchez and Silva over Sonnen. Maybe Ive just been too drunk for main events but I cannot think of any other 5th round finishes if anyone can help me out. Pretty impressive for these two men if they are the only ones. On econd thought while typing this, was marquart/woodley the 5th round?
Damn, never realized how hard it was to get a thread going after a big event
Marquardt v. Woodley was 4th round. Couture v. Rodriguez ended in the 5th, too.
In addition to that, David Loiseau had two fights ended in the 5th round.