3rd anual CA Open


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Aug 28, 2003
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I was just wondering if any of you guys went and what you thought? I only did the gi day and I thought it was really well organized (way better than last year). But the turnout was pretty weak and I think they have way too many divisions. I think they should combine some of the weight classes, either that or maybe just do 3 skill divisions instead of 4. A 12 pound spread doesnt seem like much and if they just bump that up to like 15 they could already drop one weight class.
I was there, lost both my juniors gi-less matches on points; I was working the RNC on the second loss when I finally got it and cranked, the time ran out just then, really dissappointed in that. I rolled with another Cesar Gracie Blue Belt who I heard I was battling with; which makes me kind've proud cause I've only been training for 3-4months, lost that match by 2 points I thought I was ahead on.

8 man tournament with Gil and Jake was fun to watch, Jeff Glover rolled with Nate and I got a little time to talk with Nick. Was a great day altogether. I have some of Gil's match I'll try to get up later.
I assume since youv only trained 3-4 months that you were in novice? What was a blue belt doing fighting in novice? You know whats funny is I fought novice last year and also lost to a cesar gracie blue belt.... weird.
Gimme a name (either one of you) and I'll get all over him. Unless he was specifically asked to fight down a couple divisions just to give somebody a match (I think I saw them do that last year).

It was definitely sparse. I competed in 4 divisions this weekend and only had 3 guys in each division (took 2nd in all 4, although one loss was by coin toss).

From graciefighter.com
"Northern California's best grapplers were pitted against each other today at Half Moon Bay's, California Open. For the 2nd year in a row our team outpointed the field and won the overall team competition. At the end of the 2-day event it was time for the 8-man professional division.

In the first round Paragon's Bill Cooper faced off against #1 ranked Shooto fighter, Gilbert Melendez. The 2 men put on a show of outstanding technique that had the crowd on their feet. With the match tied ,Melendez got to Cooper's back and sunk in the hooks to secure a great win over a very talented grappler.

Next to compete was tournament regular and fan favorite, Jeff Glover. Jeff is a multiple time Grappler's Quest winner . He would be facing Nathan Diaz from our academy. The 2 traded sweeps for points and at 6 minutes in and 4 points up, it seemed as if Glover had another win guaranteed. Diaz however was able to tie the score up and sink in a deep choke that forced Glover to tap out.

Fight #3 had Vini Magalhaes defeating Claudio Franca representative, Paul Schreiner, by the score of 6-0.

In the fourth match Jake Shields faced off against Half Moon Bay's best grappler, Raul Castillo. Castillo fought valiantly however he had no answer for Shields and eventually succumbed to a tight armbar.

The second round saw all four Cesar Gracie fighters in the semis, with Shields defeating Diaz by points and Magalhaes armbarring Melendez at the very end of a highly contested match.

The finals were set: Shields vs. Magalhaes.
This matchup was a technical fight with Magalhaes displaying an excellent guard and Shields incessantly trying to pass. With a few minutes left Shields passed and eventually mounted to take the match and the $1,500 prize money.

Congratulations to our entire team and everyone that competed."
I dont want to get anyone in trouble, dont remember the name anyway. But its frustrating when you train hard for your first tourn only to get your ass kicked and then find out you should not even have been fighting the dude. For me it was a year ago though so obviously it doesnt matter to me now and it really motived me to work on my triangle defense.

As for my division (adult-middle-begin-nogi) I also only had 3 guys but one didnt even show, so I only got one fight, won 12-0. :)

Someone at class today suggested they should just get rid of novice and make beginner 2yr and under.
I fought... Lost first round gi to a wrestler cat from paragon jiu jitsu.. this cat did a illegal neck crank on my face and opened my lips up.... I don't protest so i took the L but I thought the refs could've been A LOT more vigilant during the matches... Especially since the ref asked me what happened after I tapped... Like he didint see all the bllod in my mouth.. Dood ended up taking my division, but I'm dissapointed in my performance and it was [my] bad for cutting 15 lbs at the very last minute and fighting malnourished since weigh ins were right before the fight... I could've swore it said weighins were gonna be a hour before the matches...Shiiit...

I'm a sore loser...
Oh yeah i watched all the childrens matches and that shit was hella cute.. it made me want to have kids... ahahah

cesar gracie had tons of kids in that tournament and i guess it added to team points... they made team mates fight, and also i saw siblings including twins fight...didnt see much of the gracie united cats... mostly kids...
Yah the reffing was a little weird, he told us no can-openers or neck cranks, but reverse rear naked (which is a neck crank) was allowed, wtf?
Fozzit - you mentioned you saw a lot of cats, thats pretty crazy I didnt know they had a feline division! swwweeeett
Hey Highlander if you wanna find out who all you gotta do is look at the results, I just glanced over at last years just our of curiousity and already see at least two guys from cesar on there that placed in two different skill divisions, one guy I just noticed took first in begginer and second in advanced, wtf?
I know Vic was asked to compete in a lower division to give some guys some matches, but I don't see him placing in any other division. I was asked but there was no way I was going to mess up a Flyweight (lower skill and 2 weight classes down). I think that he wasn't to place in that division though (but I don't see him listed for any other divisions).

I recall Moses competing and was wondering WTF myself. He didn't sign up for that division and just went up when his name was called. I don't know if he was asked or they just screwed up the registrations.
yah I think it might have been a problem with the way the tourney was ran, I know the guy I fought looked confused as hell
i know my team mate had two fake fights before his real fight meaning, that he started to fight twice and they stopped it because he was fighting the wrong guys... ahahah