2nd week of training, hurt my neck


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Feb 13, 2004
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I just posted last week about how much i enjoyed my first grappling class. Today i am sitting in my recliner typing about my neck pain. Today during a scramble i had someone come down on me awkardly. He kinda landed on top of my head and pushed my chin down into my chest, and i heard a couple small pops. Now i've been here before with a hurt neck that i can't really turn, and i'd rather not be here again if i can avoid it.

So the question i'd like to ask is....What do grappling guys do for neck preperation? I would assume strenght and stretching exercises, but which ones and in what capacity?
neck rolls and stuff like that.

Most of the time newer guys are the ones with all the injurys... The reason for it is, they cannot relax and just work jiu jitsu.

They are rabid and flail all around trying to pull of subs theyve only read about..

My advice to you is to just relax, when you go back to train it will be one thing youll know to look out for.
Injury are a part of grappling and there will always be something hurting you... Just try to train safe.
well other than stretches, do you guys do any strength exercises?

As far as new guys getting hurt from lack of experience...a large man fell on my head. I was just trying to survive.
Okay dude, here is the scoop:

Warm ups! Warm up to the point that sweat is pouring down your face, every time out.

Do you want a structured neck training routine? If you do here is something you can do: Warm up, stretch, do neck bridges, then do choke resistance stuff, then stretch. But honestly, a stronger neck cannot be had quickly, it will take a lot of time.

Ice that neck for now, take ibu-profen, then take it easy.

Weightlifting is super beneficial, if done right, for grappling and for injury prevention in general.