***2024 NBA Thread - Let The Games Begin***

I just know whoever wins this series between the Knicks and Pacers ain't winning the championship.

Same thing I said

I got Knicks but no way are they beating Boston in a best of 7. If they had a healthy Julius Randle I’d give them a shot
I have to take my hat off to Yoke. Nuggs haven't faced an elimination game yet this year nor last, but in games that would have put them behind the 8 ball (game 5 and 6 vs Phoenix, game 3 against Heat, and the past three games) he has played like a man possessed. Absolutely elite play.
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James Harden MVP season, for 5 years really. He was scoring stupid amounts in stupid ways.

Luka in only 5 seasons has a highlight reel of stupidly amazing games, including absurd passing like Jokic does. Jokic is great but he is not the only amazing player in the NBA now or over its history.
Cousins was right about Gobert. He used to get pulled off the court in the 4th quarter in the playoffs when he was with the Jazz because he couldn't defend smaller lineups. How can you be DPOY if you're getting pulled off the court for defensive reasons?