2 workouts a day


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Jun 18, 2005
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My cardio is horrible,and I enrolled at a gym close to my office, so i can get an hour of cardio training in at lunch.. Then on Mon,Wed,and Fri, I go train MMA/BJJ. Am I over doing it? keep in mind, i've only been working out BJJ for about a month.
i trained twice a day almost everyday for 3-4 months. BJJ 5X, kickboxing 2X, weights 3X per week. i was alright for a while and didn't hurt myself physically, but from not sleeping/eating enough calories my brain was effected. i couldn't make myself think about something. you know when your arm is really asleep, and you can't lift it at all when you try? well thats what it was like trying to reason something in my mind, or recall something.

it freaked me out, and i thought i had been getting choked too much. i got to the point of acceptance that i was brain damaged. but since i cooled the training down to once a day, with the acception of occasionally doing weights after fight training i have regained all my wits.

i was walking around in a fog for about 2 months, even after i stopped the intense training.......so just be careful, rest when you need to, and get enough sleep