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Jul 24, 2005
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My first

Ive been watching alot of Arlovski's fight and ive noticed he doesnt have how you would say the basic MMA standup technique. In almost all his fights, Ive noticed he has his right foot always pivoted, Why is that ? does it offer more power ?

secondly, I was practicing my kicks on the heavy bag, and i realized, at the gain of power i have to let my guard down (i ussually put my hands down), is there any advice you can give to generate good kicking power, but not having to put ur hands down?

(I did search on kick technique but couldnt find any post btw)

the slightly twisted foot is so he can rotate his body when he is performing a kick...like in TKD they teach that when you throw a kick that you rotate your bottom foot so that your toes are pointing behind you

and for the increase of power try rotating your foot like this, it many seem awkward for the first time and you might loose your balance
I haven't studied AA so I can't say on his punching.

For the Thai kick, when you kick, maybe you are
at the stage where you are learning to add twirk into
your kick, so your hands want to naturally move away from
the boxer type guard position.
Still, your hands can & must be positioned in a defensive
way to not eat a right cross, or take a kick.
As your arms swing to the side, your still in guard, chin is protected by shoulder, so
on and so forth.
keep ur back hand in front of ur chin with the round kick . vampire - do u mean torque wen u say twirk?
AA is a 6 foot 4, 250 pound man. He has technique butjust because of raw power usually whateverhe hits goes to sleep
Im in no way bashing AA's technique, but i just noticed in most of his fights he always has his right foot pivoted, an is more on a side, then the basic wide MMA stance, but it works for him lol;.

Yah im gonna try some of these kick techniques, right now, im throwing my whole body in kicks an i can realize the power. I wouldnt throw a high kick like this , but i know these would be good leg mid kicks.

thanks for tips.
RizRan said:
AA is a 6 foot 4, 250 pound man. He has technique butjust because of raw power usually whateverhe hits goes to sleep

I think Arlovski is less than 250. Proly around 235
ya, my bad torque, = twirk Hehehe

i totally agree with your moving the back hand to your chin,
good kickboxers always emphasize protecting your face
during low kick, especially the most effective counter to it which is the right cross.

I also like to grab his far arm and pull it when I do the kick, almost like I'm
throwing a knee.
I know some "new school" Muay Thai guys pivot their foot outwards and step slightly to the outside, as this apparently allows them to step into the kick quickly and deliver more power with less telegraphing. Bas once detailed a drill he used to get this down in an Ask The Fighters thread about Thai kicks. Though I've never seen AA fight, nor have I studied MT, so I'm just guessing.

As for keeping your guard up: I look at throwing kicks (especially roundhouse) as being sort of the opposite mechanics of punching; my instructor was adamant about us keeping our guard up when kicking, and I noticed his hips followed his shoulders when throwing the roundhouse. Sorta like when the shoulders follow the hips when throwing a punch.

When I'm focuing on technique while hitting the bag, what I do is consciously throw my shoulders into the kick, as is building up torque, then let my hips follow. It helps me when doing this to sometimes start into a roundhouse kick as if I'm throwing a hook/cross punch with the arm that's on the side I'm kicking with (typically rear).
hey gregster what your describing is the same as what Maurice Smith
describes for a good low kick.

turn your shoulder into it. I notice a lot of guys either they lift too much or
what, their shoulders are stiff and dont have articulation like the hips, when it
should. oh well.
Forbiden1 said:
an is more on a side, then the basic wide MMA stance, but it works for him
Can you describe this better? I don't understand how his is automatically narrower.
If you've notice in all his last fights (except silvia i suspect he had a different game plan) his right leg is back, and is always in a pivot stance, an he moves forward more on a side, then the basic wide stance, almost like a boxer.

U have to watch the fights, u can definately notice it. Its always pivoted.
i think ive figured it out (man how i didnt notice this sooner is beyond me)

he keeps his right foot always pivoted because he works with left inside kicks to set it up. so if its always pivoted he can throw it faster...duh...