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1st Grader vs. 5th Grader


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May 19, 2002
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Sorry if this has already been posted... but damn - I wish I was that good when I was younger.

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Sweet Jesus that boy is more determined to get your back than Marcelo.
When the 1st grader get's to 6th grade i want to pit him against a Senior.
I could punt that kid across the room..he ain't getting my back.
very poor technique by the 1st grader.. terrible video
lol, what's with all the 1st grader hating in here?
I thought size and strength didn't matter against a skilled opponent.

So surely that kid could kick all our asses.

Oh wait...
I would make that kid tap like it's nobody's business. Boring waste of my drunken time. killakoy you need to just jump off a bridge or something, this was the worst video posted since bjj_mat or whatever the fuck that guy's name was who pulls guard then armbars everybody. Horrible thread, simply terrible.

5th grader your nephew? Bringing a lil more hate than usual.
I was impressed. =)
And 5th vs 1st grader? That was a big deal back then, I'm impressed that the 5th grader took it so well.
wow I want that flexibility.. He pulled an armbar from bottom sidecontrol.. just throw leg over face from any position.