Usage for hash tag: TheBusiness

  1. Stargazer Rex

    Locked AEW CXVII: Mariah is Upon Us

    A good ol Samoan headbutt spot. #TheBusiness
  2. Stargazer Rex

    AEW Dynasty 2024 Official PPV Discussion

    That old, bald white guy saying "Swerve's House" #TheBusiness
  3. sleepwalk

    Locked PWD 1160: The Triple H Era has begun

    And on her induction, she'll have to hand Rock's "People's Champion" belt over to some kid debuting from the PC this year. #TheBusiness
  4. Stargazer Rex

    Locked PWD 1160: The Triple H Era has begun

    They need Vlade Divac back! Guy looked like he smoked 3 packs a day and slammed a pint of vodka before every game to get rid of the shakes. #TheBusiness
  5. Stargazer Rex

    Locked PWD 1159: Story Finished

    Mox hasn't aged well. #TheBusiness
  6. Stargazer Rex

    Locked PWD 1158: WWE WrestleMania 40 Weekend Is Here (Story Finished or Just Started)

    And I'll be ready to shit on his booking from the safety of my computer if he gets it wrong! #TheBusiness
  7. Stargazer Rex

    Locked AEW CXIII : It's Wednesday , Where's the Thread

    For Trips, you had to account for his monthly gear cost as well. Test is pretty cheap but when you ain't making much it adds up plus he may have been on other more expensive stuff too. #TheBusiness
  8. Stargazer Rex

    Locked PWD 1155: Somebody Call Rock or Cody's Momma!

    "Not by a long shot" #TheBusiness
  9. Stargazer Rex

    Locked AEW CXII: CEO Bo$$ Bu$iness

    Skye Blue looks like she leaned out a bit. It's a better look for TV. #TheBusiness
  10. Stargazer Rex

    Locked PWD 1154: Bloodline Rules

    I'm at at an Asian buffet in Fresno and the Rock is on TV, in a wrestling ring, popping the room in 2024. #TheBusiness
  11. Stargazer Rex

    Locked AEW CXI: AEW's New Era Has Begun

    He's coming into his match with Everest already hurt so when he goes over clean Everest can still keep its heat. #TheBusiness
  12. Stargazer Rex

    Locked PWD 1153: A Slap For A Slap, The Plot Thickens

    @Pliny Pete #TheBusiness Gagne played with fire and got burned!
  13. Stargazer Rex

    Locked PWD 1152: Acknowledged

    Will the Codester bring in my dawg Sonny Kiss? He's gay and black. He hits TWO demographics. #TheBusiness
  14. Stargazer Rex

    Locked AEW CX: Stinger's Last Ride

    And she knows what she is insinuating with that empty room with just that comfy rug on the floor. #TheBusiness