Usage for hash tag: blessup

  1. PaddyO'malley

    Media Bryce Mitchell raps about Jesus, Flat Earth and Arkansas.. calls out Satan for a rap battle... no really.

    ...Drizzy n KDot runnin' dem gums like bro r u dumb I already destroyed both you in 1 track LMFAOLLL 🗣️🎶 Instead of FAKEAZZ WWE ting we finna have a rap #BigUp battle. Imma hop Indi studio make you a track #blessup fam we finna win dem NMF tag team belts let's pray fi di h8rs fam see u in church 🙏☝️
  2. PaddyO'malley

    News Undefeated Prospect Nyamjargal Tumendemberel Set for Short-Notice Debut at UFC 302 Against Andre Lima

    #blessup fam u too 🙏☝️ Mans like u stay woke to di #wagwan now ting 🔥 Weather blessed sun hot prolly haffi run or lick a workout pon di StronKube later wallahi iono 👋💥◼️ 6ixdog mandem deh 'bout chat pure badmind 'bout dat TDot talk mans just coolin' styll 🧊 See u at church my yute keep it 100...
  3. PaddyO'malley

    Would you date a lawyer? shit no more huh Miguel stfu h8r finna have my roof done too #Trust 🤬⤵️ -Kindergarten teacher: help me work through my mommy issues str8 🔥 giving mans warm comfort -Farmer: free food all da mandem eatin (food not her) 🍗🧆🐣 Lmk if that works for u fam take care #blessup and see u at church
  4. PaddyO'malley

    Who were the “unfavorable” matches for Alex?

    Fam. Jones ain't gay 🚫🌈 Iono about our boy DavidJackson but Jones ain't get down like dat fam swear down iono where di rumor come from 🤷🏽 Maybe you see something I don't tho if so lmk anyway see you in church fam #blessup 🙏📿
  5. PaddyO'malley

    Media *Breaking News* Connor Mcgregor Becomes a Part Owner Of BKFC BAREKNUCKLE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP

    ...well as the most powerful social media influencers -More views on a single IG reel than Taylor Swift (Straight DESTROYED her fam) Even Chandler a slap head Mans ain't tryna argue just droppin' fax so mandem can make educated opinion on da matter fam take care #blessup see you in church fam 🙏🏽📿
  6. Neck&Neck

    Sam Alvey: "The UFC pays us way more than we deserve."

    Smilin Sam is the motherfucking Man #blessup
  7. PaddyO'malley

    Media Elite MMA Journalist Drama Nina Grills Jiri from UFC 300 and Other UFC Mandem with the Hard-Hitting Qs

    Thanks mY NIGht got whole lot better fam thanks for da kindness #blessup fam #Inshallah finna be up there buckin' widda #PowerSlap mandem soon 👋💥