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Usage for hash tag: 1P4P

  1. pankrat

    The Middleweight Division is the Kingdom of Striking GOATs

    ...after that casino Tshirt, was still considered top3 at MW and one of the best wrestlers in the sport at the time. Not for nothing he was paid a large sum of money to fight #1P4P Fedor who needed a rope grab to not get taken down by the smaller Lindland from the clinch 10 seconds into the fight
  2. dipstickjimmy

    Media Jon Jones questions Islam Makhachev as #1 P4P: You went through "absolute dogfight"

    ...beating Cyril Gane funny. Almost said Jon moved up and beat the Champion (which Cyril was not) and then said later the best or #1 guy at HW and "Made it look easy". Imagine Islam beating a WW version of Gane. One with zero TDD and had never been a UFC champion. Would that make him the...
  3. that Indian

    Usyk is a generational GOAT

    I said before this fight that if Usyk wins, he would have to get the #1P4P title and I stand by that. Based on merit and what he's done for the sport lately, I think you have to give Usyk the best P4P. And he is that in the truest sense of the word, seeing as he's been significantly outsized in...
  4. that Indian

    Naoya Inoue or Terence Crawford - Who's P4P the best right now?

    ...with logic and facts is like bringing a gun to a Tupperware party--that's not the point. Anyhow, I don't think anyone can definitively claim #1P4P right now. If Usyk beats Fury, everyone will say him. Then Crawford beats Madrimov and the cycle continues. All I know is that Canelo is...
  5. Hdfi

    Is Conor ko'ing Aldo the greatest fighting performance in the UFC history?

    Yes it was. For context: Aldo was #1 P4P and undefeated at the FW division (25-0) with 9 title defenses when Conor knocked him out in just 13 seconds.
  6. that Indian

    News Breaking: The PFL x Bellator super-card is set, Feb. 24

    Gotta give Claressa Shields her props for competing in MMA. She is probably the #1P4P female boxer now and is willing to get kicked, subbed and beat down in MMA.
  7. that Indian

    How does Crawford compare at 140, 147 over the past 25 years?

    ...that greatness through time. Perhaps the epitome of this confusion is captured in a large portion of public sentiment that has Crawford as #1P4P but also clearly NOT the fighter of the year. He has the skills--but unlike Inoue--seems to lack the gumption to get things going outside of his...
  8. Cooliox

    Media DDP says one title defense is enough, "no challenges at MW" so looking for LHW super fight

    The UFC did this to themselves... Rather than 10 title defenses, you can get a shortcut to being #1P4P by beating the guy in the next division