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    Here are the major results of regional US MMA between March 28th-April 11th. Rankings have also been updated. Go to the front page to see the rankings.


    Not a lot of action the past two weeks but quite a few top ranked fighters fought anyway. I wrote out a blurb for each of these guys above but it got deleted when I went to post it and I don't have the energy to do this all again right now. The guys above are some of the most deserving of a call up.

    #2 Veteran Flyweight Sean Santella
    #15 Light Heavyweight Aleksa Camur
    #4 Bantamweight Chris Gutierrez
    #2 Featherweight Jason Soares
    #8 Heavyweight Steve Mowry
    #2 Welterweight Chris Curtis
    #2 Lightweight Nate Andrews
    #8 Welterweight Zane Kamaka
    #11 Light Heavyweight Tyler Vogel

    Most Signable Fighter - Any of the guys in the top 5 of their division is probably ready, but I have to give the nod to either Jason Soares or Chris Curtis since they've been on long win streaks and have won titles.

    March 28th

    Alaska FC 138: Ryan vs. Lopez
    Anchorage, Alaska

    265 Title: #1 VET Tony Lopez (61-28) def. Brian Ryan (20-9) by R3 Doctor Stoppage
    130: HM, 115 Wendy Rodriguez (3-0) def. Carolyn Biskup (1-4) by R1 TKO Punches

    March 29th

    Tachi Palace Fights 34: Sipe vs. Lewis
    Lemoore, California

    265 Title: #16 Mitchell Sipe (4-0) def. Chris Lewis (2-2) by R1 TKO Punches
    155: Art Hernandez (4-1) def. Armando Espinoza (3-1) by Unanimous Decision
    135: HM Nohelin Hernandez (7-2) def. Joe Neal (6-3) by Split Decision
    155: Randall Wallace (15-7-1) draws with Otgonbaatar Nergui (0-0-1)
    155: Art Arciniega (16-7) def. Ray Cervera (9-9) by Split Decision

    March 30th

    M-1 Challenge 90: Kunchenko vs. Butenko
    St. Petersburg, Russia

    185: #1 VET Joe Riggs (48-17-1) draws with Boris Polezhay (18-6-1)

    NFC 105
    Kennesaw, Georgia

    170 Title: #13 Jared Gooden (10-2) def. Sean Kilgus (2-4) by R1 TKO Punches

    Victory FC: Fight Night Coco Key 2
    Omaha, Nebraska

    155: Alonzo Martinez (44-22) def. Anthony Baccam (12-6) by Unanimous Decision
    125: Nate Smith (2-0) def. Keegan Blanco (0-1) by Unanimous Decision

    March 31st

    PA Cage Fight 31
    Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

    125 Title: #2 VET Sean Santella (20-6) def. #15 Charles Johnson (6-1) by Unanimous Decision

    EFC 68
    Cape Town, South Africa

    155: Dave Mazany (16-7) def. Chris Bright (6-1) by R2 TKO Punches

    Valor Fights 48: Nashville
    Nashville, Tennessee

    115: #20 Chelsea Bailey (3-0) def. Kelly D’Angelo (2-2) by Unanimous Decision
    115: Shannon Goughary (2-0) def. Emilee Prince (0-2) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke

    Fist Fight Night 3
    Amarillo, Texas

    265: Marcus Sursa (18-10) def. Carlton Little (6-6) by R1 Submission Guillotine

    PFO: Vendetta
    Gladwin, Michigan

    155: Adam King (3-1) def. Ryan Brettingham (3-5) by Unanimous Decision
    115: Tabatha Watkins (2-0) def. Rachael Smith (0-4) by R3 Submission Armbar
    265: Cody Collin (1-0) def. Anthony Coleman (0-4) by R2 TKO Punches

    Honor FC 3: Operation Shockwave
    Akron, Ohio

    205: #15 Aleksa Camur (3-0) def. Allen Bose (2-1) by R1 TKO Punches

    Southwest Brawl 7
    Las Cruces, New Mexico

    190: Kobe Ortiz (16-6) def. Randy McCarty (6-9) by R2 TKO Punches

    April 5th

    Phoenix FC 6
    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

    170: Hayder Hassan (7-4) def. Pavel Kusch (22-5) by Unanimous Decision

    April 6th

    Xtreme Fight Night 347
    Tulsa, Oklahoma

    135: #4 Chris Gutierrez (11-2) def. #17 Jimmy Flick (10-4) by R3 TKO Punches
    190: Tyler Lee (3-1) def. DeMarcus Simmons (1-3) by R1 Submission

    Titan FC 49: Gomez vs. Soares
    Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

    145 Title: #2 Jason Soares (11-0) def. Luis Gomez (6-2) by R4 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    170 Title: Jose Caceres (14-7) def. Rami Hamed (6-2) by R5 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    265: #8 Steve Mowry (4-0) def. Said Sowma (0-1) by R2 TKO Did Not Answer Bell
    185: Punahele Soriano (3-0) def. Rafael Celestino (5-2) by R1 TKO Punches
    205: HM Denzel Freeman (2-0) def. Gustavo Trujillo (1-1) by Split Decision

    CES 49
    Lincoln, Rhode Island

    170 Title: #2 Chris Curtis (18-5) def. #5 VET Jason Norwood (18-5) by Unanimous Decision
    155 Title: #2 Nate Andrews (13-1) def. Chris Padilla (9-4) by R2 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    170: Jeremiah Wells (4-1) def. Gary Balletto Jr (5-2) by R1 KO Punch
    125: Matt Almy (4-2) def. Richie Santiago (6-1) by R1 Submission D’arce Choke
    135: Marquis Brewster (5-0) def. Shawn Mack (6-5) by Unanimous Decision
    145: #6 VET Sean Soriano (11-5) def. Jonathan Gary (13-10) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    135: John Douma (3-0) def. Zachary Burhans (3-2) by R2 TKO Punches

    April 7th

    ACB 84: Burrell def. Agujev
    Bratislava, Slovakia

    170: Arbi Agujev (32-7) def. Nah-shon Burrell (15-10) by Unanimous Decision
    155: Josh Aveles (27-11) def. Adrian Zielinski (17-8) by Unanimous Decision
    170: Umar Yankovskiy (12-1) def. #14 Ben Egli (10-2) by Unanimous Decision

    Combat Night Pro 5
    Casselberry, Florida

    170: #5 VET Julien Williams (10-1) def. Ladarious Jackson (6-4) by R1 Submission
    155: Christian Lohsen (4-0) def. Emmanuel Ramirez (2-4) by Unknown

    Vegas Nights Ypsi: Fight Night
    Ypsilanti, Michigan

    265 Title: Lorenzo Hood (10-4) def. Ron Carter (16-18) by R1 TKO Punches
    125: Calie Cutler (6-5) def. Kyna Sisson (3-3) by Unanimous Decision

    X-1 World Events 49
    Honolulu, Hawaii

    135: Cheydon Leialoha (7-1) def. Yuto Sekiguchi (7-4) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    170: #8 Zane Kamaka (12-3) def. Mike Bronzoulis (18-10) by R1 Stoppage From Arm Break
    135: Rodney Mondala (3-1) def. Bill Takeuchi (5-1) by Unanimous Decision
    125: Russell Mizuguchi (4-0) def. Shojin Miki (4-2) by Unanimous Decision

    Evolution FC 8: Battle For Blood 2
    Mulvane, Kansas

    175: Manny Meraz (11-4) def. Kyle Kurtz (8-7) by Decision
    155 Title: Le’Ville Simpson (8-3) def. Cody Carrillo (14-17) by Unanimous Decision
    145: Steven Nguyen (5-0) def. Aaron Roberson (9-8) by R1 Submission Guillotine

    Shamrock FC 304
    St. Louis, Missouri

    125: Jacob Thrall (3-1) def. Dustin Kramer (5-2) by R2 Submission Rear Naked Choke

    Fury Fights
    Watertown, South Dakota

    205: #11 Tyler Vogel (7-3) def. Josh Dyer (3-4) by R1 TKO Punches
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    Here are the major results of regional US MMA between April 12th-April 26th. Rankings have also been updated. Go to the front page to see the rankings.

    April 13th

    Stronger Men's Conference 2018
    Springfield, Missouri

    185: Bubba McDaniel (30-10) def. Leonardo Pecanha (15-9) by R1 TKO Punches
    170: HM Hugh Pulley (7-3) def. #17 Jason Witt (13-5) by R2 TKO Punches
    145: TJ Britton (5-0) def. Robert Mitchell (1-2) by R1 TKO Punches

    Steelfist Fight Night 57
    Salt Lake City, Utah

    170 Title: Clay Collard (16-7) def. Carson Gregory (5-1) by R2 Submission Triangle Choke

    Bellator 197: Chandler vs. Girtz
    St. Charles, Missouri

    135: #21 Eric Ellington (5-0) def. Jordan Howard (10-5) by Split Decision

    Combate Estrellas 1
    Los Angeles, California

    135: Jose Alday (11-3) def. #14 John Castaneda (16-4) by Split Decision
    125: Amanda Serrano (0-0-1) draws with Corina Herrera (3-4-1)
    145: Jose Estrada (5-1) def. Rudy Morales (5-7) by R2 TKO Punches
    155: Rafael Garcia (7-0) def. Chase Gibson (6-3) by Majority Decision
    155: HM Gabriel Green (8-2) def. Javier Garcia (3-1) by R3 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    145: Joey Ruquet (6-1) def. Keith Carson (6-5) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    155: HM Erick Gonzalez (8-2) def. Danny Ramirez (6-4) by R1 TKO Punches
    125: Michael Reyes (4-4) def. Heinrich Wassmer (6-3) by Unanimous Decision

    April 14th

    Fusion Fight League
    Great Falls, Montana

    135: Serena DeJesus (1-0) def. Kelly Clayton (0-1) by Unanimous Decision

    Maverick MMA 6
    Allentown, Pennsylvania

    265: Matt Hamill (13-8) def. #9 Chris Birchler (7-3) by Split Decision
    170: Bassil Hafez (4-1) def. Jerome Mickle (3-5) by R1 Submission Kimura

    TXC: Legends 12
    Livonia, Michigan

    170 Title: HM Marco Smallman (5-0) def. Scott Futrell (8-6) by Unanimous Decision
    170: #7, 155 Adrian Hadribeaj (9-1) def. Leonard Simpson (2-10) by R2 TKO Punches

    Victory FC 60
    Hammond, Indiana

    185: #4 VET Andrew Kapel (13-6) def. Kevin Nowaczyk (19-4) by Unanimous Decision
    265: #16 Dontale Mayes (4-2) def. HM Mohammed Usman (3-1) by Unanimous Decision
    145: #25 Jose Mariscal (7-3) def. HM Pat Sabatini (8-2) by Split Decision
    170: Josh Streaker (5-1) def. JP Saint Louis (3-2) by TKO Punches
    145: #11 Bobby Moffett (11-3) def. Enrique Gonzalez (6-2) by Unanimous Decision
    155: #4 Zach Fears (9-2) def. Tim Cho (6-3) by Unanimous Decision
    125: #8 Askar Askar (7-0) def. Jesse Parker (1-2) by R1 TKO Elbows
    265: Brian Peterson (3-0) def. Oscar Kush (2-2) by Unanimous Decision
    185: #17 Muhammed Abdullah (10-4) def. John Troyer (15-13) by Unanimous Decision

    WFC 85
    Laughlin, Nevada

    155: Marco Simmons (3-0) def. Curtis Hill (1-2) by R1 Submission Armbar

    Shogun Fights 18
    Baltimore, Maryland

    145 Title: HM Tucker Lutz (5-1) def. Francisco Isata (12-6) by Unanimous Decision
    125 Title: #14 Gregory Fischer (8-1) def. Blaine Shutt (6-3) by R2 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    145: Peter Petties (6-3) def. Robert Sullivan (7-9) by Unanimous Decision
    170: Matt Semelsberger (3-1) def. Scott Noble (1-3) by R2 TKO Punches

    Cage Titans 38
    Plymouth, Massachusetts

    155 Title: Dan Dubuque (6-2) def. Jimmy Manning (5-1) by R1 TKO
    155: Peter Barrett (9-2) def. Jay Ellis (15-76) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    155: Daniel Matos (2-3) def. Don Shainis (4-2) by Unanimous Decision
    115: Mefi Monterroso (5-1) def. Dan Cormier (6-9) by Unanimous Decision
    145: Jeff Perez (3-0) def. Stacey Anderson (0-4) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke

    KOTC: No Escape
    Oroville, California

    265: #20 Thomas Fallon (5-1) def. Joey Cabezas (7-11) by R1 Submission Strikes
    170: Angelo Trevino (7-2) def. Justin Baesman (19-17) By Unanimous Decision

    April 18th

    Alaska FC 139
    Anchorage, Alaska

    135: Jared Mazurek (7-1) def. Brandon Campbell (2-2) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    135: Josh Branham (16-9) def. Casey Johnson (6-3) by Split Decision
    135: HM Wendy Rodriguez (4-0) def. Anne Hansen (0-1) by Unanimous Decision

    April 20th

    Battle of New Orleans: Battle In The Garden of Eden 2
    New Orleans, Louisiana

    155: Brant Moore (3-1) def. Michael McDonald (4-3) by Decision
    170: Michael Lombardo (6-1) def. Tony Jenkins (2-2) by R3 Submission Armbar

    LFA 37: Bice vs. Perez
    Sioux Falls, South Dakota

    125 Title: Maikel Perez (6-1) def. #5 Sid Bice (8-2) by R2 TKO Punches
    170: HM Jordon Larson (9-4) def. Darrius Flowers (3-2) by R3 Submission Armbar
    155: #25 Bryce Logan (9-2) def. Dakota Bush (4-1) by Unanimous Decision
    155: HM Demarques Jackson (8-2) def. Hamilton Ash (7-4) by R1 TKO Punches

    April 21st

    SCL 68: Testament
    Denver, Colorado

    185: #5 VET Adam Stroup (12-5) def. #6 VET Sidiah Parker (18-7) by Split Decision

    ACB 85: Leone vs. Ginazov
    Rimini, Italy

    135: #3 VET Anthony Leone (17-8) def. Magomed Ginazov (13-4) by Unanimous Decision
    170: EJ Brooks (12-5) def. Husein Kushagov (7-5) by Split Decision
    155: Daud Shaikhaev (6-3) def. Jason Fischer (13-4) by Majority Decision
    125: #3 VET Geane Herrera (10-3) def. Darren Mima (10-6) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke

    Pinnacle Combat 28
    Dubuque, Iowa

    145: Junior Hernandez (20-10) def. Mike Plazola (14-10) by Unknown

    KOP 61
    Grand Rapids, Michigan

    265 Title: Ruben Esparza (3-1) def. Erick Lozano (8-14) by Unanimous Decision
    155: Zack Shaw (6-2) def. Alex Trevino (9-9) by R1 KO Slam
    170: Devin Smyth (7-1) and Dan Yates (1-0) fight to No Contest
    155: Kenny Cross (4-2) def. Chris Reid (0-1) by R1 Submission Arm Triangle
    205: #19 Jamahal Hill (3-0) def. William Vincent (4-7) by Unanimous Decision

    Cage Wars 32: High Voltage
    Grand Junction, Colorado

    155: Andrew Yates (10-3) def. Sergio Lopez (6-12) by Unknown

    Colosseum Combat 44
    Kokomo, Indiana

    155 Title: #5 VET Thomas Gifford (14-7) def. Cameron VanCamp (10-5) by R1 Submission Guillotine
    170: Quinton Parks Jr (7-2) def. Aaron Highbaugh (6-2) by R1 TKO Punches

    Combat Games 61
    Snoqualmie, Washington

    265: Anthony Hamilton (16-9) def. Randy Zarza (3-3) by R2 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    155 Title: #20, 145 Chase Hooper (5-0) def. Brett Malone (3-1) by R2 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    115: #20 Miranda Granger (3-0) def. Jamie Thorton (6-5) by R2 TKO Punches

    KOTC: Anger Management
    Sloan, Iowa

    135: Drako Rodriguez (3-0) def. Elliot Conn (1-1) by R1 TKO Punches
    105: Shawna Ormsby (1-0) def. Kelly Vilarino (0-4) by Unanimous Decision
    265: Chad Johnson (2-0) def. Bernard Collins (0-3) by R1 TKO Punches

    DCS 41: Spring Brawl
    Lincoln, Nebraska

    155 Title: Darrick Minner (21-8) def. Joey Munoz (7-3) by R2 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    135 Title: William Joplin (18-15) def. Emeka Ifekandu (5-1) by Unanimous Decision
    170: #15 Kassius Kayne (12-4) def. Ivey Nixon (2-2) by R1 KO Punch

    Midtown Throwdown 13
    Springfield, Oregon

    170: Montel Williams Jr (2-0) def. Bryan Walters (0-1) by Unanimous Decision

    CXF 12: Burbank Beatdown
    Burbank, California

    170 Title: #16 Mike Jasper (13-4) def. Justin Baesman (19-18) by R1 TKO
    145 Title: HM AJ Bryant (8-2) def. Brian Del Rosario (3-1) by Unanimous Decision
    135 Title: George Garcia (7-3) def. Chris Beal (10-6) by Majority Decision
    155 Title: Estevan Payan (17-12) def. Dominic Clark (11-8) by R2 TKO
    145: Serob Minasyan (9-11) def. Spike Carlyse (4-1) by Split Decision
    185: HM Edmen Shahbazyan (6-0) def. Daniel McWilliams (17-39) by R1 TKO
    155: Arut Pogosjan (4-1) def. Arian Sharifi (4-1) by R1 TKO
    180: Jose Marroquin (4-10 def. John Saroyan (0-1) by R1 TKO
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    #5 Welterweight Chance Rencountre signs with the UFC to fight Belal Muhammad on short notice at UFC Fight Night 131 on June 1st. Rencountre is on a current run where he has wins over UFC vet Jake Lindsey and Bellator vets Justin Patterson and Chris Harris. His losses were to the aforementioned Patterson and to current LFA Welterweight Champion James Nakashima. This is a well deserved signing.
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    #1 Flyweight, 2 time IMMAF World Champion and current Titan FC Flyweight Champion Jose 'Shorty' Torres has finally signed with UFC! He'll be fighting Jarred Brooks on short notice at UFC Fight Night 131. Torres is probably the most UFC-ready fighter I have on my rankings. This is well deserved and honestly he could've been signed a year ago.
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    Great to see Torres finally signed. He's probably the top prospect in mma outside UFC right now.

    Shame its on short notice but I'm guessing he's been training and waiting for this opportunity.
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    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Incredible work man. Some org should contract you to do some scouting.
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    Here are the major results of regional US MMA between April 26th-May 23rd. Rankings have also been updated. Go to the front page to see the rankings.


    Top Active Fighters In Time Frame

    #1 HW Jeff Hughes – Hughes defended his LFA Heavyweight Title for the first time against #7 Maurice Greene and won a 5 found Decision. Since Heavyweight prospects are few and far between, I can see Hughes getting signed despite his detractors saying he hasn’t been able to finish any of his big fights. He wasn’t seen at the TUF tryouts so I would expect to see him in UFC soon or given a spot on the Contender Series.

    #6 LHW Tyler Vogel – Vogel has been busy in 2018. He’s 3-0 so far with 3 finishes making him one to watch out for. It appears he’ll be taking his 4th fight and making his LFA debut on June 1st against #13 Middleweight Tim Hiley. This fight will also be his return to Middleweight after a 2 year stint at Light Heavyweight.

    #1 MW Ian Heinisch – Since losing by Arm-Triangle against current UFC fighter Markus Perez last September, Heinisch has earned finishes over Daniel Madrid and Gabriel Checco to make his way back to the LFA Middleweight Title. A fight with #3 Middleweight Anthony Hernandez seemed like it was in the cards, but it appears Hernandez has vacated his LFA Title to compete on the Contender Series. Heinisch will also be competing on the Contender Series this summer against #19 Middleweight Justin Sumter on July 31st.

    #3 LW Anthony Avila – The Team Alpha Male product made his debut for the Combate promotion in Mexico winning against Jose Luis Verdugo by Unanimous Decision. This is his 3rd straight win since losing to Sam Toomer in March of 2017. He’s been a pro fighter since 2008 and it seems like it’s now or never if he’s going to get his big promotion signing. If not, Combate seems like they’ll be a good home for him.

    #6 BW Patrick Mix – It’s been a great month for the New York fighter Patrick Mix. He defended his KOTC Title against #13 Bantamweight Tony Gravely with a 1st Round Guillotine Choke and he signed a management deal with Ali Abdel Aziz which in this day and age is one surefire way to get a major promotion signing. Patchy has not lost in either his amateur or pro career and shot up the rankings quickly with wins over 3 current and former people on the rankings.

    #5 FLW Josh Paiva – Paiva scored the biggest win of his career over TUF veteran Adam Antolin. He scored a 32 second knockout over the veteran on the Bellator postlims in Mid May. Paiva is a long time veteran and is a former KOTC Champion. Since returning to MMA full time in 2015, he’s gone 6-1. This win over Antolin proves he’s ready for the big leagues. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw him again in Bellator if they want to invest in a Flyweight division.

    #5 LW Troy Lamson – Lamson has been extremely impressive since taking the first two losses of his career. He’s won 5 straight and most recently earned the New League Fights Lightweight Title which is the first pro title of his career. He defeated Midwestern veteran Reggie Merriweather with a 2nd round Rear Naked Choke. Lamson might still be one or two big wins away from getting picked up, but he’s amassed quite the resume.

    #3 WW Kyle Stewart – Undefeated Arizona Combat Sports prospect Kyle Stewart only took a minute to defeat Chauncey Foxworth by Armbar in the main event of Iron Boy MMA 11 to earn the promotions Welterweight crown. He’s coming off an incredible run beating names like Estevan Payan, Jason Jackson, and Jaleel Willis. He was on Dana White’s Contender Series last summer and won his fight, but it wasn’t enough for him to be signed. His time might be now.

    #3 FW Andres Quintana – Quintana has made quite a name for himself in the Combate promotion. Since joining the promotion, he’s earned 4 straight victories. He’s another one that will truly need to test himself if he wants to be considered a top contender but he seems like he’s well on his way.

    Most Signable Fighter – I have to give it to Jeff Hughes and Ian Heinisch just based on making it to the top of their respective weight classes. With Heinisch on the Contender Series, I would expect Hughes to be the first on this list to be called up. Kyle Stewart and Patrick Mix are dark horses.

    April 26th

    CamSoda Legends
    Ft. Lauterdale, Florida

    265: Alex Nicholson (11-5) def. Ricco Rodriguez (54-26) by R1 Submission
    145: Bruce Lutchmedial (6-3) def. Charles Bennett (30-38) by Unanimous Decision
    145: Matt Wagy (11-5) def. Anthony Retic (6-6) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke

    April 27th

    C3 Fights 46: Clash At The Council
    Newkirk, Oklahoma

    145: Luis Luna (15-7) def. #6 VET Jerrod Sanders (16-4) by Split Decision
    185: Seth Baczynski (21-14) def. Marvin Babe (7-29) By R1 Submission
    170: Calen Born (5-0) def. Kyron Bowen (2-4) by R1 Submission
    135: HM Victor Dominguez (7-2) def. Rakan Adwan (4-4) By R3 Submission

    Rage In The Cage 58
    Hinton, Oklahoma

    265 Title: Brad Faylor (9-5) def. Bryan McVea (7-7) by R1 TKO Punches

    Battleground MMA
    Largo, Florida

    135: Sarah Kleczka (2-0) def. Natalie King (1-2) by R1 Submission Armbar
    170: Gregg Ellis (3-0) def. Kedrick Harris (1-4) by Unanimous Decision
    135: Jessica Borga (1-1) def. Hayley Turner (1-1) by R1 TKO Punches

    NFC 106
    Kennesaw, Georgia

    265: LJ Jones (1-0) def. Terrance Hodges (0-5) by R2 Submission Rear Naked Choke

    LFA 38: Hughes vs. Greene
    Minneapolis, Minnesota

    265 Title: #1 Jeff Hughes (9-1) def. #7 Maurice Greene (5-2) by Unanimous Decision
    185: #23 Bevon Lewis (5-0) def. Collin Huckbody (3-2) by Unanimous Decision
    170: Indalecio Romero (29-6) def. Dane Sayers (12-4) by Unanimous Decision
    175: Charlie Brown (12-7) def. Chris Bachmeier (10-2) by R3 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    170: Ashkan Morvari (15-7) def. Cody Lincon (4-2) by R2 TKO Punches
    115: HM Mallory Martin (3-2) def. Linsey Williams (2-3) by R2 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    265: #17 Josh Parisian (6-2) def. Zach Thumb (4-4) by R1 TKO Punches
    165: Kenneth Glenn (8-4) def. Josh Shaw (3-2) by Split Decision

    April 28th

    Thunder And Lightning MMA
    Lewiston, Idaho

    265: Dave Pearson (2-0) def. Chris Ensley (6-36) by R1 Submission Armbar

    V3 Fights 68
    Robinsonville, Mississippi

    155: Justin Prescott (5-1) def. Ryan Collins (5-1) by R1 Submission Kimura
    135: Brian Hall (8-4) and Jeremy Rogers (0-1) fight to a No Contest
    185: James Horne (4-1) def. Jesse James (1-1) by R2 Submission Armbar

    Honor FC 4: Reaching The Summit
    Tallmadge, Ohio

    145: John de Jesus (8-6) def. Josh Rohler (4-2) by Unanimous Decision

    Big John's MMA: Next Generation
    St. Ignace, Michigan

    165: Ryse Brink (4-2) def. Mickey Marsack (3-3) by R1 Submission Armbar
    115: Alibeth Milliron (1-0) def. Sheena Starr (0-3) by R1 TKO Punches

    3 River Throwdown 13
    LaCrescent, Minnesota

    125: Lloyd McKinney (12-5) def. Marc TongVan (7-6) by R2 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    170: HM, 155 Jonas Flok (8-3) def. Craig Eckelberg (8-4) by R2 Submission Arm Triangle Choke

    Infamous MMA 2
    Casper, Wyoming

    155 Title: Brad Greick (6-3) def. Shawn Johnson (4-1) by R2 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    205 Title: #6 Tyler Vogel (8-3) def. Billy Martin (7-21) by R1 TKO Punches

    MaxxFC 35
    Moca, Puerto Rico

    155 Title: Dawond Pickney (15-10) def. Orlando Sanchez Ruiz (22-5) by Unanimous Decision

    CageSport 50
    Tacoma, Washington

    155 Title: Tristan Connelly (10-6) def. #19, 170 Joey Pierotti (8-1) by R4 Submission Armbar
    155: Chris Stone (5-1) def. Patrick Benson (4-4) by R1 Submission Triangle Choke
    155: Terrance McKinney (4-0) def. Brandon Todd (5-2) by R3 Submission Heel Hook

    RCWC: Battle On The Boot Hill 2
    Dodge City, Kansas

    135 Title: Cole Ferrell (5-0) def. Danny Aguirre (4-3) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    205: Cesar Gutierrez (1-0) def. Randy Ramirez (0-1) by R1 TKO Punches

    Bellator 198: Fedor vs. Mir
    Rosemont, Illinois

    170: Sultan Umar (6-2) def. Tom Angeloff (7-6) by Unanimous Decision
    145: Adil Benjilany (4-1) def. Corey Jackson (3-1) by Unanimous Decision
    170: Mark Stoddard (17-9) def. Dan Stittgen (12-6) by R1 Submission Triangle Choke
    150: #5 VET Eric Wisely (30-9) def. Morgan Sickinger (20-11) by R1 Submission Triangle Armbar
    125: Joey Diehl (12-9) def. Nate Williams (27-18) by R1 Submission
    170: Rmandel Cameron (6-3) def. PJ Cajigas (6-7) by Unanimous Decision
    155: James Bennett (3-1) def. Dustin Stusse (0-1) by R1 TKO Punches

    May 4th

    WFCA 48: Zhamaldaev vs. Khasbulaev 2
    Baku, Azerbaijan

    265: Evgeny Goncharov (10-2) def. Brandon Cash (10-5) by R1 TKO Punches

    TKO 43
    Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

    145: Alex Morgan (8-3) def. Peter Petties (6-4) by Split Decision

    CES NY 1
    Westbury, New York

    180: Matt Secor (10-5) def. Adam Sepulveda (4-3) by R1 TKO Punches
    170: John Gotti III (2-0) def. Eddie Haws (0-2) by R1 TKO Punches

    Front Street Fights 17
    Boise, Idaho

    145 Title: Drew Brokenshire (17-8) def. Matt Jones (7-3) by R3 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    170: Joe Boerschig (5-1) def. Williams Dunkle (2-1) by R2 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    155: Nathan Stolen (8-3) def. Kerry Lattimer (7-14) by R2 TKO Punches

    Reality Fighting
    Uncasville, Connecticut

    185: Armus Guyton (2-0) def. Sean Evans (1-3) by R1 TKO Punches

    Invicta FC 29: Kaufman vs. Lehner
    Kansas City, Missouri

    125: #1 VET Pearl Gonzalez (8-3) def. Barbara Acioly (4-3) by R1 Submission Armbar
    135: #4 VET Marciea Allen (7-2) def. #5 Julia Avila (4-1) by R1 TKO Hand Injury
    125: #15 Liz Tracy (5-2) def. Cheri Muraski (4-2) by Unanimous Decision
    135: Lisa Spangler (1-0) def. Sarah Kleczka (2-1) by Unanimous Decision
    145: HM Macy Chiasson (2-0) def. Allison Schmidt (1-1) by Unanimous Decision
    115: HM Helen Peralta (2-0) def. Cheyanne Vlismas (1-1) by Unanimous Decision

    LFA 39: Heinisch vs. Checco
    Vail, Colorado

    185 Title: #1 Ian Heinisch (10-1) def. Gabriel Checco (10-3) R1 by KO Punch
    125: #19 Brandon Royval (7-3) def. Jerome Rivera (7-2) by R1 TKO Injury
    115: #21 Maycee Barber (4-0) def. Audrey Perkins (1-1) by R3 TKO Punches
    155: #19 Austin Hubbard (9-2) def. Harvey Park (9-2) by Unanimous Decision
    140: Ahmet Kayretli (7-2) def. Turrell Galloway (8-7) by R2 TKO Retirement
    145: Youssef Zalal (5-0) def. Daniel Soto (3-2) by R2 Submission Rear Naked Choke

    KOTC: Under Siege
    Alpine, California

    185: Phil Baroni (16-18) def. Matt Lagler (12-15) by R1 TKO
    105: Andy Nguyen (6-6) def. Cassie Robb (2-9) by Unanimous Decision
    145: Alex Trinidad (3-1) def. Luke Faultersack (3-3) by Split Decision
    155: Kurt Kinser (9-1) def. Fernando Padilla (10-3) by Split Decision
    170: Nick Angeloni (3-0) def. Jeff Creighton (0-1) by Unanimous Decision
    135: Desmond Torres (4-1) def. Geoffrey Villrreal (1-1) by Unanimous Decision

    May 5th

    ACB 86: Raisov vs. Balaev
    Moscow, Russia

    145: #3 VET Georgie Karakhanyan (28-8) def. Alexey Polpudnikov (24-5) by Unanimous Decision

    Chosen Few FC 14
    Madison, Wisconsin

    125: Gonzalo Ponce (4-2) def. Robert Walker III (5-6) by R1 TKO Punches

    Renegade Fight Night: Chapter 1
    Pueblo, Colorado

    155: Jordan Titoni (6-2) def. Flavian Pilgrim (3-1) by R1 Submission

    CageSport 51
    Canyonville, Oregon

    135 Title: Chris SanJose (5-0) def. Casey Johnson (6-4) by Unanimous Decision
    155: HM Bryan Nuro (8-2) def. Charon Spain (15-27) by R3 TKO Punches
    205: #14 Clayton York (4-0) def. Matt Howell (2-9) by R1 TKO Punches
    265: #24 Rudy Schaffroth (4-0) def. Kyle Keeney (19-24) by R1 TKO Punches
    170: Adam Fugitt (4-1) def. Travis LeBrun (2-3) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke

    Reign FC: Fight Night
    Suquamish, Washington

    185: AJ Fuentes (3-0) def. Rafael Brewster (4-2) by R1 Submission Armbar
    205: HM Sua Tuani (2-0) def. Daniel Gadley (0-1) by R2 KO Punch

    KCFA 28
    Independence, Missouri

    145: #2 VET Anthony Gutierrez (10-3) def. Jose Martinez (9-4) by Unanimous Decision
    265: Antonio Martinez (1-0) def. JW Kiser (0-1) by R1 TKO Punches

    May 11th

    Shamrock FC 305
    St. Louis, Missouri

    170: Matt Delanoit (27-14) def. Steven Mann (14-6) by R2 Submission Rear Naked Choke

    Unified MMA 33: Resurgence
    Enoch, Alberta, Canada

    205 Title: Teddy Ash (11-3) def. Kobe Ortiz (16-7) by Unanimous Decision

    Combate 20: Mexico vs. USA
    Sacramento, California

    155: #3 Anthony Avila (16-5) def. Jose Luis Verdugo (8-6) by Unanimous Decision
    145: Jesse Strader (3-0) def. Jose Aguayo (2-2) by Unanimous Decision

    Road FC 47
    Beijing, China

    265: Gilbert Yvel (40-16) def. Mighty Mo (12-6) by R2 Submission Armbar
    315: #4 VET Chris Barnett (17-6) def. Alexandru Lungu (16-5) by R1 TKO Punches

    May 12th

    M-1 Challenge 91
    Shenzhen, Chinda

    148: Daniel Swain (18-8) def. Musu Nuertiebieke (12-3) by R1 Submission Kneebar
    170: Kurbanjiang Tuluosibake (14-8) def. Robert Turnquest (9-5) by Unanimous Decision

    KFL Thunder And MAYhem
    Auburn, Indiana

    185: Nick Kraus (11-5) def. Dominique Avila (0-1) by R1 TKO Punches
    205: Marcus Govan (6-3) def. Victor Jones (4-7) by R1 Submission Verbal
    155: Aaron Smith (3-1) def. Gustavo Rodriguez (5-13) by R1 Submission Guillotine

    Maverick MMA 7
    Allentown, Pennsylvania

    145 Title: #1 VET Scott Heckman (27-8) def. Ryan Cafaro (6-3) by Unanimous Decision

    WFC 86
    Charenton, Louisiana

    135: Aaron Phillips (9-3) def. Jeremy Rogers (0-2) by R1 TKO Punches

    KOTC: No Retreat
    Salamanaca, New York

    135 Title: #6 Patrick Mix (7-0) def. #13 Tony Gravely (12-5) by R1 Submission Guillotine
    155: Elijah Harris (3-1) def. Sean Felton (4-2) by Split Decision
    125: Todd Monroe (3-1) def. Joe Pimentel (0-1) by R3 TKO Punches

    Bellator 199: Bader vs. King Mo
    San Jose, California

    185: #21 Jordan Williams (7-2) def. HM Brandon Hester (4-1) by R2 TKO Punches
    165: James Terry (20-9) def. Don Mohammed (5-2) by Unanimous Decision
    192: #10, 205 Deron Winn (4-0) def. Ahmed White (0-1) by R1 TKO Punches
    135: #23 Nohelin Hernandez (8-2) def. Josh San Diego (7-4) by Unanimous Decision
    125: #5 Josh Paiva (10-2) def. #4 VET Adam Antolin (13-4) by R1 TKO Punches

    May 16th

    Alaska FC 140
    Anchorage, Alaska

    170: #15 Carlton Minus (8-0) def. Justin Buchholz (16-11) by Unanimous Decision
    185: Nic Herron-Webb (20-8) def. John Stern (3-4) by R3 Submission Guillotine
    170: Patrik White (6-0) def. James Mitchell (1-10 by R1 TKO Punches

    May 18th

    STFC 46
    McAllen, Texas

    155: Victor Martinez (9-4) def. Manny Muro (9-5) by R2 KO Punch
    145: Joshua Rogers (4-0) def. Fabiano Rodrigues (0-3) by Unanimous Decision

    The Fight Series
    West Des Moines, Iowa

    145 Title: Luis Saldana (12-6) def. Junior Hernandez (19-11) by TKO Retirement End of R3
    125: Joslyne Edwards (7-1) def. Jessica Middleton (3-4) by R1 TKO Punches

    Combate 21: Mexico vs. El Mundo
    Tijuana, Mexico

    145: #3 Andres Quintana (14-2) def. Marco Antonio Elpidio (7-3) by Unanimous Decision
    155: Daniel Rodriguez (6-1) def. Alex Velazco (7-3) by R3 Submission Rear Naked Choke

    May 19th

    RUF MMA 26
    Parker, Arizona

    195: Daniel Madrid (14-6) def. Daviante Jones (0-2) by R1 Submission Omoplata

    Driller Promotions: No Mercy 8
    Mahnomen, Minnesota

    265 Title: Brian Heden (31-16) def. Kevin Asplund (18-12) by R2 Submission Americana

    XKO 41
    Dallas, Texas

    145 Title: Peter Stanonik (6-3) def. Chris Pecero (14-9) by Decision
    135: Jose Johnson (6-4) def. Joseph Sandoval (7-9) by R2 TKO Punches
    185: Jhonoven Pati (4-1) def. Jose Leija (5-3) by KO
    125: Deborah Kouzmin (1-0) def. Kenia Rosas (0-2) by Decision
    145: Fernie Garcia (3-0) def. Jeremiah Castillo (12-30) by Submission

    New League Fights 10: X
    Maumee, Ohio

    155 Title: #5 Troy Lamson (11-2) def. Reggie Merriweather (13-12) by R2 Submission Rear Naked Choke

    Iron Boy MMA 11
    Phoenix, Arizona

    170 Title: #3 Kyle Stewart (10-0) def. Chauncey Foxworth (8-6) by R1 Submission Armbar

    Friction FC 2
    West Monroe, Louisiana

    145: Jesse Butler (5-2) def. Javier Obregon (14-15) by R3 Submission Guillotine
    265: Michael Stahl (2-1) def. John Clay (0-4) by R1 Submission Armbar

    SCL 69: WY
    Cheyenne, Wyoming

    150 Title: #19, 145 Justin Gonzales (7-0) def. Andy Brossette (2-3) by R1 TKO Punches
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    #1 Featherweight Kevin Aguilar defends his LFA Featherweight Title against #5 Featherweight Thanh Le with a vicious knockout. I don't think there's anyone left for Kevin to fight in LFA unless they want to run back a fight with Damon Jackson. Maybe they'll give him a spot on the Contender Series, but he deserves a shot in UFC outright if that's what he wants. Other fighters on my rankings such as Damon Jackson, Levi Mowles, Miles Johns, Evan Cutts, and Kennedy Nzechukwu also picked up wins. LFA just keeps getting better and better and keep grabbing more of the market share of top prospects in the US.
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    I'm going to be removing Frank Schuman from the next Welterweight rankings due to the fact that he's going to jail for a while and is kind of a scumbag.
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    Here are the major results of regional US MMA between May 24th-June 14th. Rankings have also been updated. Go to the front page to see the rankings.


    Top Active Fighters In Time Frame

    #1 Featherweight Kevin Aguilar - Despite not being a part of the Contender Series this year, Kevin Aguilar is probably the most big show ready fighter currently on these lists. If not for a tough loss to WEC/UFC veteran Leonard Garcia in 2013, he would likely already be signed. Since that fight, he's won 6 in a row including 4 finishes including a win over UFC vet Damon Jackson and TUF veteran Thanh Le. Aguilar has defended his belt in LFA 3 times. That's more than most have had to do to get a call up. I would be really surprised if they gave Aguilar another fight, but there's a bunch of hungry contenders in his division that would gladly step up to the plate (including some listed below)

    #2 VET Featherweight Damon Jackson - After winning the Legacy FC belt in 2014, Damon Jackson got the chance to sign with UFC. Unfortunately for him, he had a middling 1-1-1 record with them and ended up getting cut. Since then, he's gone 6-1 with his only loss to current LFA Champion Kevin Aguilar. His last 4 fights have been quick submission victories in the 1st and 2nd round. I doubt they'll do a rematch with Aguilar, but if Aguilar does sign and Jackson doesn't, I could see him fighting Nate Jennerman or Jordan Griffin for the next LFA Featherweight gold.

    #2 Light Heavyweight Kennedy Nzechukwu - Kennedy is still a bit green compared to some of the fighters on this list, but with him being a big athletic Light Heavyweight, he could end up getting the call sooner rather than later. He's undefeated so far in his career with the highlight being a Split Decision win over TUF veteran Anton Berzin on last season of Dana White' Contender Series. He obviously already has the attention of UFC matchmakers, and with Alonzo Menifield moving on to UFC, Nzechukwu could become the new top Light Heavyweight in LFA.

    #7 Featherweight Nate Jennerman - The 25 year old Jennerman has been on fire lately. He's 7-1 in his last 8 with his past 5 victories coming by way of submission. What pushes Jennerman to the top of his list is his wins over solid veterans of the sport such as Kevin Croom, Sam Toomer, John DeVall, and Sam Toomer. His last 8 opponents have 92 victories between them (this includes his loss to fellow top prospect Bobby Moffett). Jennerman is a win or two away from the big show, but I think he's ready to fight someone for the LFA Featherweight strap.

    #6 Featherweight Jordan Griffin - Griffin has been a pro in the sport for a while now, making his debut back in 2011. After starting his career at 1-3, he has since gone 15-2 with his only losses to Bellator prospect Juan Archuleta and UFC fighter Dan Moret who are both alumni of this list. Since losing his KOTC title to Archuleta, he signed with LFA and already has 2 finishes in the promotion. When Griffin gets signed, he's going to be another one of those fighters who earned it by defeating tough regional competition. Griffin is another fighter that could be in the LFA Featherweight Title picture shortly.

    #8 Middleweight Tim Hiley - The undefeated Hiley earned the biggest victory of his career so far when he defeated Tyler Vogel who was dropping down from Light Heavyweight. This is Hiley's 2nd win in a row for LFA. There's quite a logjam at the top of LFA's Middleweight division, with Ian Heinisch, Kevin Holland, and Anthony Hernandez owning the top three positions, but Hiley will be a part of the next batch of contenders if he's able to keep his win streak going.

    #1 Light Heavyweight Alonzo Menifield - What a performance. Alonzo Menifield headlined the first Dana White Contender Series event of 2018 and was able to finish DaShawn Boatwright in 8 seconds. If he was signed with the UFC, this would put this fight among the fastest finishes in UFC history. Menifield has been on my radar for a while for some of his early RFA/LFA performances and his Injury win over UFC vet Daniel Jolly on the Contender Series last summer. Unfortunately, it wasn't considered an impressive enough win and Menifield had to go back to LFA. He won two more fights with finishes and got his DWCS shot again. The trip was fruitful as Menifield earned himself a UFC contract. Alonzo will be a top Light Heavyweight for years to come.

    #1 Welterweight Chris Curtis - Curtis likely put on the best all around performance on the 1st week of the Contender Series. Unfortunately, the UFC is looking for Heavyweights and Light Heavyweights so the #1 Welterweight is left without a contract. He also broke his hand in the fight and is now talking about retiring from the sport. If this is truly the case, it is a shame because Curtis has worked for many years to get himself to the top any way he can and he is deserving of a spot on a big show. The Action Man has won his last 6 and has defeated a whole slew of prospects on his way to here. I think if he decides to stick around, the UFC will be calling very soon.

    #2 Middleweight Kevin Holland - Kevin Holland had a flashy, albeit showboaty performance on the Contender Series against Will Santiago. He ended up getting caught a few times and the two ended up fighting to a Decision. While Holland earned the victory, it wasn't enough to earn the contract. Holland is obviously a talented fighter and has some serious power in his hands. All of his wins have been finishes until this fight. Holland will be in the UFC soon and has the potential to be a ranked fighter at either Welterweight or Middleweight. He'll just need to get another finish or a belt before they call his name.

    May 20th

    Pancrase 296
    Tokyo, Japan

    115: Emi Fujino (22-10) def. Sharon Jacobson (5-3) by Unanimous Decision

    May 25th

    Fury FC 24
    Humble, Texas

    135: Leomana Martinez (4-1) def. Jarrett Walden (0-4) by R1 KO Punch
    125: Jacob Silva (4-2) def. Juan Deantes (4-1) by R1 KO Punch
    170: Nico Escheverry (4-1) def. Don Dissanayak (1-1) by R1 Submission Armbar
    265: Rick Gonzalez (1-0) def. Juan Torres (6-13) by Unanimous Decision

    DCS 42: Rumble At The Ralston
    Ralston, Nebraska

    170: #2 VET Dakota Cochrane (32-12) def. Julian Lane (12-9) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    125: #24 Demetrius Wilson (6-2) def. Kevin Gray (9-6) by Unanimous Decision
    145: HM Dwight Joseph (7-1) def. Adem Mujakic (9-14) by R1 TKO Punches
    170: Duane Johnson (4-0) def. Zach McGuire (0-3) by R1 TKO Punches

    LFA 40: Aguilar vs. Le
    Dallas, Texas

    145 Title: #1 Kevin Aguilar (14-1) def. #10 Thanh Le (8-2) by R1 TKO Punches
    145: #2 VET, 155 Damon Jackson (15-2-1) def. Jeremy Spoon (21-4) by R2 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    145: #20 Levi Mowles (9-3) def. Rey Trujillo (24-21) by R2 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    135: #16 Miles Johns (7-0) def. Eric Ellington (5-1) by R2 Submission Guillotine
    170: #15 Evan Cutts (9-3) def. Ramiz Brahimaj (6-1) by Unanimous Decision
    125: Victoria Leonardo (1-0) def. Hailey Cowan (0-1) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    135: Devin Miller (3-0) def. Carlos Vergara (4-2) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    145: Austin Lingo (4-0) def. Phil Gonzalez (2-2) by Unanimous Decision
    205: #2 Kennedy Nzechukwu (5-0) def. Corey Johnson (0-1) by R2 KO Punch
    135: Victor Altamirano (3-0) def. Osiris Ayala (0-1) by Unanimous Decision

    May 26th

    864 Fighting Championship: Fight 4
    Greenville, South Carolina

    170: HM Tanner Saraceno (7-2) def. Dominic Waters (10-6) by R2 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    205: #13 Karl Reed (4-1) def. Ronnie Phillips (4-5) by R1 TKO Punches
    205: #20, 185 Jamie Pickett (8-3) def. Cristian Torres (12-9) by R1 TKO Doctor Stoppage
    160: Robert Hale (4-2) def. Damon Minor (3-1) by Split Decision
    145: Latra Collick (3-0) def. Zachary Hicks (4-2) by R3 TKO Punches

    KOTC: Grand Finale
    Lincoln City, Oregon

    120 Title: #5 VET Glena Avila (7-4) def. Angela Danzig (2-4) by R3 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    180: HM, 155 Salaiman Ahmadyar (6-0) def. Tyson Jeffries (14-11) by R1 TKO Punches
    135: HM Johnny Munoz Jr. (7-0) def. Anthony Zender (7-12) by R1 KO Punch
    155: Carson Frei (7-3) def. Bobby McIntyre (7-5) by Unanimous Decision
    185: Eric McConico (2-0-1) def. Jeramy Burford (0-1) by R1 KO Punch
    125: Brittany Sims (1-0) def. Angelica Nicholson (1-3) by R1 TKO Punches

    June 1st

    M-1 Challenge 93: Shlemenko vs. Silva
    Chelyabinsk, Russia

    185: Artem Frolov (11-0) def. #3 VET Joe Riggs (48-18) by R2 TKO Knee Injury

    LFA 41: Moises vs. Peterson
    Prior Lake, Minnesota

    155: Thiago Moises (10-2) def. Jeff Peterson (9-5) by R2 Submission Guillotine
    155: Killys Mota (11-0) def. #21 Bobby Lee (8-2) by R2 Submission Guillotine
    145: #7 Nate Jennerman (12-3) def. Kevin Croom (18-9) by R1 Submission Guillotine
    170: Ben Neumann (13-5) def. Bobby Cooper (13-9) by Unanimous Decision
    150: #6, 145 Jordan Griffin (16-5) def. Shawn West (15-10) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    185: #8 Tim Hiley (7-0) def. #25 Tyler Vogel (8-4) by Unanimous Decision
    265: #13 Calyn Hull (4-0) def. Ryan Debeleak (5-4) by R2 Submission Arm Triangle Choke
    165: Brandon Jenkins (12-6) def. Luke Gwaltney (21-20) by R3 TKO

    June 2nd

    Island Fights 48
    Pensacola, Florida

    155: James Freeman (6-1) def. Charles Bennett (30-39) by R2 TKO Punches
    155: Jacob Kilburn (6-1) def. Elvin Brito (9-7) by Unanimous Decision
    145: #23 Anderson Hutchinson (7-1) def. Jeremias Fernandez (5-3) by Unanimous Decision
    205: Logan Woods (1-0) def. Leonard Williams (2-1) by R2 KO Punch

    Elite Fight League 2
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    145: Bill Kamery (14-7) def. Earnest Walls (2-6) by Unknown

    JacksonWink Fight Night 3
    Albuquerque, New Mexico

    135: #2 VET Abel Cullum (21-6) def. Josh Montoya (11-10) by R1 Submission Guillotine
    145: Aalon Cruz (6-2) def. Steve Garcia Jr (7-3) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    115: #13 Hannah Cifers (7-2) def. Celine Haga (10-15) by R1 TKO Punch And Elbows
    125: Chris Cortez (2-0) def. Ricky Esquibel (3-1) by Split Decision

    Alliance MMA
    Columbus, Ohio

    185: Dominique Steele (17-10) def. Travis Davis (6-2) by Unanimous Decision
    265: HM Aaron Bush (4-0) def. Chris Beal (3-6) by R1 KO Punch

    June 7th

    Fight Club OC 52
    Costa Mesa, California

    185: Andre Walker (4-1) def. Santiago Diaz (3-4) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke

    June 8th

    Ring Of Combat 63
    Atlantic City, New Jersey

    145 Title: #14 Bill Algeo (10-3) def. James Gonzalez (4-3) by Unanimous Decision
    135 Title: HM Phil Caracappa (6-0) def. Miguel Restrepo (5-5) by Unanimous Decision
    155: Frankie Perez (11-4) def. Jerome Mickle (3-6) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    145: HM Frank Buenafuente (9-4) def. Michael Lawrence (5-4) by R1 Submission Guillotine
    145: Josh Rohler (5-2) def. BJ Young (3-1) by R1 TKO Punches
    155: Gilbert Patrocinio (7-2) def. William Calhoun III (3-4) by Unanimous Decision

    HD MMA 12
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    170: Codale Ford (13-10) def. Derrick Adkins (10-6) by Unanimous Decision
    160: Aaron McKenzie (4-1-1) draws with AJ Nichols (3-1-1) by Split Draw
    145: Kyle Driscoll (7-3) def. Aaron Roberson (9-9) by TKO Punches

    LFA 42
    Branson, Missouri

    170: Derrick Krantz (22-10) def. #20 Kassius Kayne (12-5) by Split Decision
    170: #13 Jaleel Willis (9-1) def. Chel Erwin-Davis (5-2) by R1 TKO Knee and Punches
    125: #21 Jaymee Nievara (7-3) def. Katy Collins (7-5) by Unanimous Decision
    145: Josh Marsh (4-1) def. Teejay Britton (5-1) by R1 KO Punch
    125: #15 Charles Johnson (7-1) def. Andrew Kimzey (3-2) by R1 TKO Punches
    155: Lucas Clay (4-0) def. Mike Breeden (4-1) by Split Decision
    205: #16 Julius Anglickas (3-1) def. Erick Murray (3-1) by R3 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    185: Tyler Flores (5-2) def. Marco Hutch (3-1) by R2 Submission Rear Naked Choke

    June 9th

    Xtreme Fight Night
    Miami, Oklahoma

    155: HM Daryl Wilson (8-2) def. Marcio Navarro (15-16) by R2 TKO Punches

    Summit FC 28
    Jackson, Mississippi

    135: Devante Sewell (6-2) def. Jason Cefalu (3-1) by Split Decision

    Valor Fights 50
    Knoxville, Tennessee

    170 Title: James Conway (3-0) def. Jason King (5-4) by R1 TKO Punches

    WFF 38
    Chandler, Arizona

    145: Paris Stanford (4-0) def. Victor Tirado (2-2) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke

    CLIP: Motor City Cagefights 3
    Detroit, Michigan

    135 Title: HM Jesse Bazzi (8-4) def. Tim Esctruth (3-1) by R2 Submission Guillotine
    175: Josh Brueckner (4-2) def. Andrew Crushshon (0-1) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke

    Pinnacle FC 17
    Canonsburg, Pennsylvania

    155 Title: #13 Nick Browne (8-1) def. Jeffrey Pelton (5-2) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke

    KOTC: Highlight Reel
    Ontario, California

    115 Title: #14 Cynthia Arceo (4-0-1) Split Draws with Loveth Young (0-0-1) and retains title
    170: Jonathan Rivera (6-2) def. Cole Bates (2-2) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    205: #20 Jonathan Noriega (4-1) def. #25 Armando Murillo Jr (4-2) by R1 Submission Guillotine
    145: Jose Medina (3-0) def. Casey Johnson (7-5) by R2 TKO Injury

    June 12th

    Dana White's Contender Series 2018: Week 1
    Las Vegas, Nevada

    205: #1 Alonzo Menifield (7-0) (SIGNED) def. #22 Dashawn Boatwright (3-1) by R1 TKO Punches
    170: #1 Chris Curtis (19-5) def. #19 Sean Lally (8-3) by R3 Hook Kick and Punches
    265: Greg Hardy (1-0) (SIGNED) def. #20 Austen Lane (4-1) by R1 TKO Punches
    135: #11 Montel Jackson (6-0) def. #13 Rico DiSciullo (9-2) by R3 TKO Punches
    185: #2 Kevin Holland (13-3) def. Will Santiago (9-5) by Unanimous Decision
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  11. Nathanli

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    Mar 30, 2010
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    #6 Heavyweight Steve Mowry signs with Bellator. Mowry is a huge signing for Bellator and could be a future contender and possible champion. The best Heavyweight prospect they've signed since Tyrell Fortune. At 25, he has nowhere to go but up (and his opponents have nowhere to look but up)
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  12. fermaPY

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    Asuncion, Paraguay
    Oh God, can not believe that I did not notice a thread like this before! Awesome work @Nathanli !!!
    Going to keep an eye on this more often
  13. Nathanli

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    A lot of contract winners on tonights episode of Dana White's Contender Series.

    AKA fighter Dwight Grant began the show with an incredible knockout over honorable mention Welterweight Tyler Hill. This was Grant's first fight in nearly 2 years and he looked like he hasn't missed a beat. At 33, it was now or never for Grant as far as making it to UFC. He punched his ticket with one of the more impressive knockouts in Contender Series so far. Grant wasn't eligible for the rankings due to his inactivity.

    #1 Light Heavyweight and current LFA Champion Ryan Spann gets signed with a quick 1st round guillotine choke over Bellator vet and Alliance fighter Emiliano Sordi. This is the first time that two #1 fighters in the same weight class have been signed back to back. Last week we saw Alonzo Menifield get signed. This win is a solid feather in Spann's cap. I feel like a lot of people wrote Spann off after his losses to Leo Leite, Robert Drysdale, Trevin Giles and Karl Roberson, but those four are all formidable opponents. Since losing to Roberson on Contender Series last year, he's won four straight and managed to beat current PFL star Alex Nicholson by TKO to earn the LFA Title. At 26, Spann could be in the mix at Light Heavyweight for a long time. The UFC did well getting these two elite fighters in a very shallow division.

    #3 Middleweight and (former?) LFA Champion Anthony Hernandez made a huge impression on Dana White and the matchmakers with his 40 second KO win over Jackson's prospect Jordan Wright. Hernandez had already proved that he was one of best middleweight prospects out there after defeating Brendan Allen to win the LFA Middleweight Title. Ian Heinisch looked to be next before this Contender Series opportunity came up. Honestly, based on their caliber of opponents, I thought this was a bit of a mismatch. They were both undefeated, but Hernandez's wins are much more impressive than Wright's. Wright could still be a good prospect, but for now UFC has Hernandez as some new blood at Middleweight

    Matt Sayles is another fighter who wasn't eligible for the rankings due to last fighting in March of 2017. That's not to say Sayles hasn't been putting in the work at Alliance MMA training with guys like Dominick Cruz. Sayles only took two minutes to finish Yazan Hajeh with some vicious ground and pound. It was enough for Sayles to earn an unheard of 4th Contender Series contract. Despite not being seen for a while, Sayles had the resume to deserve a shot on the Contender Series. He most recently finished #24 Welterweight Christian Aguilera with a 1st round TKO. Before that, he was most known for his WSOF win over Bryson Hansen in 2014. We might be talking about the 24 year old Featherweight being in the top 10 in the next few years.

    #22 Featherweight Austin Springer put in a solid effort against Georgian fighter Giga Chikadze but it wasn't deemed enough to earn himself a contract. He won with a 3rd round Rear-Naked Choke. I'm sure he's disappointed being the only winner to not earn a contract, but he'll come back stronger and will definitely get more high profile regional fights now.
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  14. Nathanli

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    Bellator with another huge signing this week! They sign #3 Bantamweight and prospect Ricky Bandejas. Bandejas is the Cage Fury FC Champion and is one of the best prospects on the east coast. He trains at Catone MMA in Brick, NJ and has wins over UFC vet Merab Dvalishvili and Bellator vet Nick Mamalis. It's great that Bellator is adding some serious prospects and not just signing more 0-0 fighters.
  15. Ronda.Jones.genetics

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  16. psyops

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    Bevon Lewis is the best prospect at 185, will befighting on the next dwtncs
  17. Nathanli

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    I thought they might sign him outright too, but it seems like these days UFC only signs new American fighters on short notice or off a show like DWCS or TUF. But I think Aguilar is going to have no problem against Gomez.

    Bevon has shown some real talent. He just needs to prove himself against Cunningham. IMO Cunningham is on the same level as Bevon and this is the toughest fight of both of their careers.
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    Another solid night of fights on DWCS. Only two contracts given out.

    #21 Middleweight Jordan Williams def. #6 Middleweight Tim Caron in the 3rd round by TKO. It is a huge win for Williams and he will definitely move up the rankings. Unfortunately, he didn't earn on contact but he'll get more attention in the future.
    #4 Veteran Julian Erosa def. #5 Featherweight Jamall Emmers with a head kick and punches in the 2nd round. Erosa didn't earn a contract but Dana White said he'd be a short notice replacement soon.
    #17 Heavyweight Josh Parisian def. #2 Veteran Heavyweight Greg Rebello with a wild spinning back fist. I thought for sure Josh was going to get the contract, but it makes sense that they would need him for the upcoming season of TUF where there doesn't seem to be much Heavyweight depth. That will still a great performance on 4 days notice.
    Te Edwards wasn't on my rankings but he was on my rader. He didn't make the rankings because his best wins before tonight were against a guy that was 5-3 and 6-8. He is obviously a great talent and trains out of one of the best gyms in the US at MMA Lab. #6 Lightweight Austin Tweedy is a big win for Edwards and the biggest one of his career. Edwards finished Tweedy in 28 seconds with a one punch walk away knockout and won a contract.
    Antonina Shevchenko also earned her contract with a 2nd round knee riddled TKO. This was Shevchenko's US debut despite splitting time there and other places. She earned a contract.

    Each week DWCS keeps outdoing itself and I hope this show continues.
  19. Feniamin

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    Hey, anyone knows what happened to Milan Zerjal? He is a LW. 7-0, last time fought back in 2014. I remember he was a prospect, fought in Titan FC, then, if I'm not wrong, it was reported that he was out for a year or something like that with some leg injury.
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  20. Nathanli

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    I believe he still trains at Xtreme Couture at least part of the time. He was supposed to fight in Russia in 2015, but I haven't seen anything about him wanting to take a fight more recently than that.
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