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US MMA Prospect Report Updated 12/4/2018

Discussion in 'Worldwide MMA Discussion' started by Nathanli, Aug 1, 2017.

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    Welp. Apparently Kunitskaya is fighting Cyborg at UFC 222 so it's looking like Letson hasn't been signed as of yet.
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    Here are the major results of regional US MMA between February 1st-February 19th. Rankings have also been updated.

    Not a ton of top prospect action the past couple weeks but a few put in impressive performances.
    There was a trio of top competitors that fought at CES 48 on 2/2. Greg Rebello defended his CES Heavyweight Title against long time vet Travis Wiuff in a fight that only lasted a couple seconds (likely Wiuff's last fight as well). Tim Caron and Rico DiSciullo won fights on the undercard, although it might be time for both to take a step up in competition.
    Tyler McGuire made his foray into the top 10 with a quite Rear Naked Choke of Jerome Jones. I'd like to see him and Austin Springer fight at some point.
    To continue with the Welterweight action, #5 Welterweight Chance Rencountre won the C3 Fights Title with an extremely impressive quick RNC of Bellator vet Chris Harris. Whether its for Bellator or UFC, Rencountre deserves his shot at the big leagues.
    Jamal Pogues makes his debut on the Light Heavyweight list and top 10 with his dominating victory over Kyle Noblitt. Pogues was able to keep Noblitt down for almost the entire fight and wore him down.
    #6 Lightweight and Team Alpha Male product Anthony Avila went to India and defeated Ognjen Salatic by Unanimous Decision. The trip to India seems to have affected the other Americans making the trip.
    #1 Flyweight Jose 'Shorty' Torres returned to action and defended his Titan FC Flyweight Title. After winning and defending both the Flyweight and Bantamweight Titles, Torres is primed for a call up. He had to turn down a few due to injury in the past, but there's no denying him now.
    #4 Welterweight Kyle Stewart won in the main event of LFA 33 and likely earned himself a shot against LFA Champion and #1 Welterweight James Nakashima in a matchup of the undefeateds.
    Also on the card was #1 Light Heavyweight Alonzo Menifield, who is in a similar situation to Torres but he hasn't had the opportunity to fight for a title.
    UFC vet Damon Jackson returned on the card and earned a quick submission victory over Chris Pecero. As far as major league vets go, Jackson has gone above and beyond to prove that he deserves a spot back at the top.
    Other vets such as Scott Heckman and Dequan Townsend also had impressive outings. Finally, top Light Heavyweight Erik Herbert won the KOTC Superfight Title (whatever that is) this past weekend against Mike DiOrio. Herbert needs to fight better competition, but there's slim pickings at 205.

    Most Signable Fighter: Jose 'Shorty' Torres (7-0) - You can't deny this man any longer. Not many 7-0 fighters can boast fighting guys with a total of 100 fights (and those guys having a 63% winning percentage). It's not just numbers. His wins over Farkhad Sharipov and UFC vet Pedro Nobre should've been enough to punch anyones ticket, but he has bided his time and waited for the right opportunity. We might see Torres join UFC when they go to his hometown of Chicago this summer. If not for Torres, Menifield and Rencountre have put in impressive arguments to be signed.

    February 2nd

    Xtreme Fight Night 346
    Tulsa, Oklahoma

    170 Title: Matt Dixon (3-0) def. Kemmyelle Haley (7-7) by R4 KO Punch

    CES 48: Wiuff vs. Rebello
    Lincoln, Rhode Island

    265 Title: #2 VET Greg Rebello (24-8) def. Travis Wiuff (75-22) by R1 TKO Punches
    193: #9, 185 Tim Caron (9-1) def. Timothy Woods (7-6) by R1 TKO Slam
    165: Brian Marino (6-1) def. Jerome Mickle (2-4) by Unanimous Decision
    140: #8, 135 Rico DiSciullo (9-1) def. Jaime Hernandez (3-2) by R1 TKO Punches

    Conquest of The Cage
    Airway Heights, Washington

    170: HM Austin Springer (10-3) def. Troy Berglund (4-1) by R3 KO Punch
    170: #9 Tyler McGuire (10-0) def. Jerome Jones (11-13) by R1 Submission Rear-Naked choke

    February 3rd

    Victory FC: Junction City 9
    Junction City, Kansas, United States

    145: William Joplin (17-14) def. Joe Wilk (19-13) by R1 TKO Punches

    New League Fights 9: St. Valentines Day Massacre
    Montpelier, Ohio

    135: HM Saidyokub Kakharamonov (5-0) def. Jarrell Hodge (5-3) by Unanimous Decision

    Hoosier FC 36
    Michigan City, Indiana

    205: #13 Tyler Hufnagle (5-1) def. Michael Robinson (2-3) by R2 TKO Punches
    170: Josh Streacker (4-1) def. Craig Fruth (5-4) by R1 KO Punch
    205: Pierre Walters (1-0) def. James Shorter (0-2) by Unanimous Decision
    155: Tim Cho (6-2) def. Mike DeLaVega (3-3) by R2 Submission Rear-Naked Choke
    145: Adam Ward (18-10) def. Vladimir Cerbadji (4-3) by R1 DQ (Ignored Referee's Halt To Action)

    Shamrock FC 302
    Kansas City, Missouri

    170: Bobby Voelker (30-13) def. Bobby Emmons (5-8) by R1 TKO Punches
    135: Eric Ellington (4-0) def. Kagen Mullen (0-1) By R3 TKO Punches

    XCC 30
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    265: Allen Bose (2-0) def. David White (0-2) by R2 Submission Guillotine
    205: Daniel Tolbert (1-0) def. Lex Ludlow (0-3) by R1 TKO Punches

    Sugar Creek Showdown 34
    Hinton, Oklahoma

    155 Title: #21 David Putvin (9-2) def. Manny Muro (9-4) by R1 TKO Punches
    115 Title: #18 Jamie Thorton (6-4) def. Morgan Solis (2-1) by R1 Submission Guillotine

    New England Fights 32: Super Saturday
    Lewiston, Maine

    150: Bruce Boyington (15-11) def. Taylor Trahan (7-9) by R3 Submission Rear-Naked Choke
    170 Title: Kemran Lachinov (6-2) def. CJ Ewer (3-1) by R1 Submission Kneebar
    145: Aaron Lacey (5-1) def. Josh Parker (6-10) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke

    Hardrock MMA 96: Warr vs. Ferguson
    Shepherdville, Kentucky

    145 Title: Ruben Warr (10-8) def. Bruce Ferguson (11-6) by Unanimous Decision

    KOTC: Fight To The Finish
    Lincoln City, Oregon

    265 Title: #3 VET Tony Lopez (58-27) def. Fabiano Scherner (11-11) by R3 TKO Punches
    125: #15 Liz Tracy (4-2) def. Susy Watson (3-5) by Unanimous Decision

    February 8th

    Island Fights 46
    Pensacola, Florida

    155: John Mustaki (6-2) def. Socrates Pierre (9-4) by R1 TKO Punches
    155: Mike Davis (5-0) def. Montrel James (2-2) by R1 TKO Punches
    155: #16 Brok Weaver (11-4) def. Charles Bennett (30-36-2) by Split Decision
    125: #21 Hannah Goldy (2-0) def. Vanessa Marie-Grimes (0-1) by R2 TKO Punches
    265: Dustin Clements (3-1) def. Nkemdirim Oti (2-3) by Majority Decision

    February 9th

    CLIP: Motor City Cagefights 2
    Detroit, Michigan

    135 Title: #22 Derrick Mandell (8-4) def. Taylor Moore (7-4) by Unanimous Decision
    155: Lou Radecki (3-0) def. Brandon Noble (5-5) by R1 Submission Rear-Naked Choke
    125: Dan Berry (2-0) def. Loc Houck (0-2) by R1 Submission Triangle Choke

    February 10th

    SCL 65: Destination
    Denver, Colorado

    185: #5 VET Maurice Jackson (7-2) def. Melvin Guillard (32-20) by R2 TKO Punches

    Driller Promotions: No Mercy 7
    Mohnomen, Minnesota

    185: Collin Huckbody (3-1) def. Ryot Waller (2-4) by R1 Submission Arm Triangle Choke
    145: Montel Jackson (4-0) def. Jesse Wannemacher (3-2) by R2 TKO Cut

    CageSport 49
    Tacoma, Washington

    145: Daniel Swain (17-8) def. Nathan Stolen (7-3) by R1 Submission Armbar
    145: Terrance McKinney (3-0) def. Tyrone Henderson (5-4) by R1 Submission Armbar
    155: Chase Hooper (3-0) def. Wyatt Gonzalez (1-5) by R1 Submission Triangle Choke
    170: Fay Bursell (3-1) def. Zach Conn (7-9) by Unanimous Decision
    135: Chris SanJose (4-0) def. Anthony Zender (7-11) by R1 Submission Guillotine
    205: Jay Radick (1-0) def. Darrio Mobley (5-7) by R1 Submission Armbar

    C3 Fights
    Newkirk, Oklahoma

    170 Title: #5 Chance Rencountre (12-2) def. #10 Chris Harris (10-3) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    205: #7 Jamal Pogues (4-1) def. #8 Kyle Noblitt (9-1) by Unanimous Decision
    155: Cody Carrillo (14-16) def. TJ Brown (10-6) by R1 TKO Punches
    170: Calen Born (4-0) def. Kyron Bowen (2-3) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    135: Julie Murray (1-0) def. Erica Torres (2-5) by Unanimous Decision
    265: Kevin Sears (7-4) def. Russell Lamons (0-3) by R1 TKO Punches

    Reign FC
    Suquamish, Washington

    155: Nathan Thompson (7-6) def. RJ Hoyt (3-1) by R2 TKO Punches
    185: AJ Fuentes (2-0) def. James Tyson (0-1) by R2 KO Punch
    215: Sua Tuani (1-0) def. Nick Biron (2-2) by R2 Submission Guilotine

    Fight Night 6: Lethbridge
    Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

    170: Vyron Phillips (7-4-1) draws with Matt Krayco (7-7-1) By Majority Draw

    Iowa Challenge 129: 17 Year Anniversary
    Burlington, Iowa

    170: Carl Wittstock (10-3) def. Jonathan Kennedy (7-27) by R1 Submission Guillotine

    February 14th

    Alaska FC 137: Macklin vs. Mitchell
    Anchorage, Alaska

    140: #23, 135 Maurice Mitchell (11-1) def. Jordan Mackin (4-11) by R2 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    155: Patrik White (5-0) def. Tyson Duckworth (0-1) by R3 TKO Punches

    February 16th

    Super Fight League 2018: Tamil Veerans vs Gujart Warriors
    Mumbai, India

    155: #6 Anthony Avila (15-5) def. Ognjen Salatic (4-3) by Unanimous Decision
    145: Krishan Rawat (3-2) def. #22 Vince Murdock (10-4) by R1 TKO Doctor Stoppage (Cut)

    Fury FC 22
    Humble, Texas

    145 Title: Rey Trujillo (23-20) def. Peter Stanonik (5-3) by R2 Submission Peruvian Necktie
    170: Will Morris (3-0) def. Nick Gay (4-4) by R1 TKO Punches
    145: Dmitre Ivy (8-5) def. Cameron Graves (6-2) by R1 TKO Punches
    265: Ronnie Byerly (1-0) def. Gary Harling (0-7) by R1 TKO Punches

    864 Fighting Championship: Fight 2
    Spartanburg, South Carolina

    170: Tanner Saraceno (6-2) def. Kendrick Harris (1-3) by R1 TKO Punches
    185: #21 Justin Sumter (6-1) def. Roger Carroll (17-17) by Unanimous Decision
    135: Kennith Porter (3-0) def. Edgard Hernandez (0-1) by R1 TKO Punches
    125: Anthony Canzano (2-0) def. Levi Lucero (0-7) by R1 Submission Guillotine

    Art Of War Cage Fighting 5
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    185: Kyle Daukaus (4-0) def. Elijah Gbollie (5-3) by R2 Submission Rear Naked Choke

    Titan FC 48: Torres vs. Orellano
    Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

    125 Title: #1 Jose Torres (7-0) def. Alberto Orellano (6-3) by R1 KO Punch
    155 Title: Raush Manfio (11-2) def. Lee Henry Lilly (6-3) By Unanimous Decision
    125: #6 VET Juan Puerta (15-6) def. Gustavo Balart (6-1) by R3 TKO Flying Knee
    170: Ladarious Jackson (6-3) def. Luciano dos Santos (10-10) By Split Decision

    LFA 33: Willis vs. Stewart
    Dallas, Texas

    170: #4 Kyle Stewart (9-0) def. #14 Jaleel Willis (8-1) by Unanimous Decision
    155: #1 VET Damon Jackson (14-2) def. Chris Pecero (14-8) by R1 Submission Arm Striangle Choke
    120: #22 Maycee Barber (3-0) def. Kaila Thompson (1-2) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    170: Ramiz Brahimaj (6-0) def. Bilal Williams (8-6) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    205: #1 Alonzo Menifield (6-0) def. Brice Ritani-Coe (4-5) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    125: HM Kevin Wirth (5-0) def. Isaiah Gutierrez (4-1) by R3 TKO Head Kick
    145: Austin Lingo (3-0) def. Omar Benjar (1-4) by R1 TKO Punches
    125: Victor Altamirano (2-0) def. Chris Salinas (0-1) By R1 Submission ARmbar

    February 17th

    KOTC: Prevail
    Niagara Falls, New York

    205 Superfight Title: #3 Erik Herbert (8-2) def. Mike DiOrio (1-1) by R2 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    155: Anthony Romero (2-0) def. Sean Felton (4-1) by Unanimous Decision
    105: #25 Bi Nguyen (4-2) def. Cassie Robb (2-8) by Split Decision
    185: Joe Taylor (3-0) def. Daniel Rosales (2-2) by Unanimous Decision

    Combat Games 60: Supreme Showdown 3
    Tulalip, Washington

    115: HM Miranda Granger (2-0) def. Ivana Coleman (1-3) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    135: HM Journey Newson (7-1) def. Tycen Lynn (5-2) by Unanimous Decision

    Destiny MMA: Fight Night 4
    Honolulu, Hawaii

    145 Title: Timothy Teves (2-0) def. Ryan Dela Cruz by R2 TKO Punches
    145: Edward Thommes (6-2) def. Flavian Pilgrim (3-1) by R1 Submission Guillotine
    170: Justus Faaiu (3-1) def. Jace Kaopua (4-1) by R1 TKO Head Kick
    155: Micah Abreu (5-1) def. Kaeo Meyers (1-2) by Majority Decision

    Maverick MMA 5
    Allentown, Pennsylania

    145 Title: #1 VET Scott Heckman (25-8) def. Jay Haas (15-17) by R2 Submission D'arce Choke

    XFO 62
    Woodstock, Illinois

    155: Mike Budnik (14-4) def. Jay Ellis (15-75) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    155: Nick Janowitz (4-0) def. Cody Garness (4-6) by R1 TKO Punches
    265: Brian Peterson (2-0) def. Jason Belyew (0-1) by R1 TKO Did Not Answer Bell

    KC Fighting Alliance 27
    Independence, Missouri

    145: Kevin Croom (18-8) def. CJay Hunter (3-5) by R3 Submission

    WXC 71
    Southgate, Michigan

    185 Title: #2 VET Dequan Townsend (19-7) def. Muhammed Abdullah (9-4) by R3 Submission Guillotine
    165: #11, 155 Troy Lamson (10-2) def. Dustin Parrish (6-2-1) by Unanimous Decision
    145: Darius Estell (3-0) def. Jordan McGuire (1-2) by R1 TKO Punches
    115: #20 Alesha Zappitella (3-0) def. Kyna Sisson (3-2) by Split Decision
    185: Marcus Maulding (4-6) def. Korey Kuppe (6-3) by R1 KO Flying Knee
    135: Matt Elliott (3-0) def. Mike Johnson (2-2) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke

    CXF 11: Alpha Dog
    Studio City, California

    170: Daniel Rodriguez (6-1) def. Justin Baesman (19-16-1) by R2 TKO Punches
    145: AJ Bryant (7-2) def. Serob Minasyan (8-11) by Unanimous Decision
    155: Brian Del Rosario (3-0) def. Donte Stubbs (2-3) by R3 Submission Triangle Choke
    135: Marcus Kowal (4-1-1) def. Benji Gomez (6-10) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    145: Brittney Victoria Grizzelle (1-0) def. Bryanna Fissori (2-5) by R2 TKO Punches
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    #10 Lightweight Alex Hernandez punches his ticket to the UFC after taking a short notice fight against Beneil Dariush at UFC 222. The 29 year old is 8-1 and most recently beat Derrick Adkins by TKO for LFA last November. He was scheduled to take on Dez Hill in 9 days for Fury FC so he was deep into training camp. Dariush will easily be the toughest opponent he's ever faced.
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    Nathanli you wouldn’t happen to be a Iowa State fan by any chance?
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    Loving these reports. i'd like to add my thoughts on up and coming talent as well, but idk if i could do as good of a job as the dude running this.

    keep it up.
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    Can't say that I am. I'm a Michigan fan if anything.

    Thanks I appreciate that. Feel free to add any input you would like. There's a lot of shows going on and its hard to keep up with everyone.
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    Was just wondering his name is Nate. He is a Iowa state fan who would post some good information on all the big 12 basketball teams to each of their forums. Keep up the great stuff here.
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    KNow this is US prospects but unbeaten Fly prospect Pitbull Menga suffered his first loss.

    Shame for him he missed weight in UFC cause that got him cut and set him back to begin with but not suffering a loss is probably gonna keep him from getting to the UFC anytime soon.
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    Yeah I feel bad for him. This was his shot and now it's going to take him a while to get back if he ever does. It's really tough to tell how good Menga actually is because he's beaten mostly average competition. I never understood why he didn't end up in BAMMA or Cage Warriors long term. I think either of those promotions or ACB would be a good spot for him right now if he wants to build himself back up.
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    1 loss isnt the end but he was already on thin ice with UFC in the first place, for them to give him another chance he was gonna need to win and make weight and maybe they'd give him a call if they needed him but now thats probably not happening. Not gonna say he'll never make it there now but if he does its gonna be a while. He's also been very inactive, had a few fights fall apart, think this was his first fight in almost 2 years.

    SO he needs to jump back in there and start fighting and winning.
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    Here are the major results of regional US MMA between February 20th-March 13th. Rankings have also been updated.


    #23 Featherweight Chase Hooper enters the rankings after a huge upset over long time Washington veteran Drew Brokenshire. Hooper is only 18 and is the youngest fighter on any of these rankings.

    #1 Lightweight Robert Watley retains his LFA Title against Brandon Jenkins with a Unanimous Decision win. This is his 2nd Title Defense and he has to be one of the top prospects not currently signed to a major promotion.

    #6 and 7 Featherweights Jordan Griffin and Nate Jennerman also made impacts in this period with Submission wins over Darrick Minner and John DeVall respectively. Both of these guys would make for good opponents for LFA Champion Kevin Aguilar (or against one another if Aguilar signs)

    #2 VET Kelly Kobold made her 2nd return in many years with a Unanimous Decision win over Katy Collins. With the introduction of the UFC Flyweight Division, the pioneer Kobold picked the perfect time to return.

    #13 Lightweight Trey Ogden got back in the winning column at the same LFA show with a 3rd round Guillotine over Travis Perzynski. If Watley stays in LFA, Ogden could be a potential opponent for him.

    #1 Middleweight VET Joe Riggs made his return to win the KOP Title against Erick Lozano. He's on a 7 fight finish/win streak since being cut by UFC.

    #3 Middleweight Kevin Holland made a quick return for the undercard of Bellator 195. He finishes Teagan Dooley with a first round Triangle Choke. While Holland fought for Bellator, they have yet to sign him to a long term deal. The 25 year old is 8-1 since the beginning of 2016.

    #6 Flyweight Jordan Espinosa makes his first return since appearing on Dana White’s Contender Series last summer. He defeats former US MMA Prospect CJ Hamilton by Split Decision. Despite starting his career on a rough patch, he’s gone 9-1 in his last 10 fights and came very close to a call up on Contender Series before Benito Lopez and Joby Sanchez were chosen.

    #6 Light Heavyweight Travis Davis defeated fellow Ohioan and prospect Jesse Murray. Unfortunately the fight ended after the 2nd round due to an injury. Every one of Davis’ wins have been finishes and he has the benefit of being in a shallow division.

    #5 Middleweight Antonio Jones notches another victory against long time MMA vet Artenas Young. Jones put himself on the map with his win over UFC vet Roger Narvaez in his last bout.

    #5 Light Heavyweight Kennedy Nzechukwu is another Contender Series vet that has only continued to look better since not getting signed. He defeated Andre Kavanaugh by 1st round TKO. Like Davis, Nzechukwu is benefitted by being in a very shallow division.

    #2 Lightweight Vet Johnny Case makes his first post UFC appearance in New Town, North Dakota and becomes one of the hottest Lightweight Free Agents around. If UFC doesn’t want to take him back, he would fit in great for Bellator or would be a nice addition to the PFL Million Dollar Tournament.

    Also appearing on that North Dakota show, #12 Woman Alexa Conners gets back on track with a Round 3 Body Kick win over Carina Damm. Conners has the potential to be a solid Bantamweight, but needs a few more fights on the regional level before she gets called up to the big leagues.

    #5 Bantamweight Manny Vazquez made his return to the Bantamweight division. He won the Caged Aggression Bantamweight Title from Shawn West who decided to hang up his gloves after the bout. Vazquez has had a few setbacks but the former Legacy Champion is still a bright prospect.

    Most Signable FighterKevin Holland would normally take this top spot and he actually was on my Most Signable Fighter list a month or two back, but Robert Watley is a dominant champ for LFA and he has earned his shot at wherever he wants to go. Be on the lookout for Watley in 2018.

    February 23rd

    Battle of New Orleans 27
    Metairie, Lousiana

    185: Michael Lombardo (5-1) def. TJ Landry (1-1) by R1 TKO Punches

    Front Street Fights 16
    Boise, Idaho

    155 Title: #25 Josh Wick (9-3) def. Hamilton Ash (7-3) by Unanimous Decision
    135: Javier Obregon (14-14) def. Casey Johnson (6-2) by Unanimous Decision

    February 24th

    SFL 2018: UP Nawabs vs. Gujarat Warriors
    Mumbai India

    170: #18, 155 Justin Jaynes (12-4) def. Abdul Sami Wali (1-1) by R1 Disqualification Fence Grabs

    Dominate FC
    Olympia, Washington

    145 Title: #23 Chase Hooper (4-0) def. Drew Brokenshire (16-8) by Unanimous Decision
    135 Title: Joey Elzea (4-0) def. Justin Hugo (3-4) by R1 Submission Heel Chook
    265 Title: #17 Dylan Potter (6-3) def. Jared Torgeson (18-19) by R4 Submission Guillotine
    265: HM Rudy Schaffroth (3-0) def. Richard Foster (4-3) by R1 TKO Punches

    KOP 60
    Grand Rapids, Michigan

    185 Title: #1 VET Joe Riggs (48-17) def. Erick Lozano (8-13) by R2 TKO Punches
    170: Devin Smyth (7-1) def. Erick Lora (2-3) by Unanimous Decision
    170: Dan Yates (1-0) def. Kalinn Williams (3-1) by Unanimous Decision

    Colosseum Combat 43
    Kokomo, Indiana

    155: #20 Tom Shoaff (11-4) def. Reggie Merriweather (13-11) by Unanimous Decision
    135: Donnie Ballou (4-0) def. Lloyd Thornton (4-9) by R1 Submission Triangle Choke

    HD MMA 11
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    125: Raul Garcia (2-0) def. Justin Weaver (0-1) by R1 Submission Armbar
    170: Frank Jones (3-1) def. Jaban Barchue (0-3) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke

    Jackson's MMA Series 24
    Santa Fe, New Mexico

    145: Jess Martinez (3-0) def. Ray Saucedo (2-1) by R2 Submission Armbar
    145: Enrique Gonzalez (6-1) def. Cody Hoffstatter (1-5) by R1 KO Punch

    March 2nd

    Knockout Events: DeSmet Fight Night
    De Smet, South Dakota

    205: #25 Josh Dyer (3-0) def. Corey McIntosh (2-7) by R3 TKO Punches

    STFC 45
    McAllen, Texas

    145: Robert Aguirre (4-0-1) draws with John Herrera (0-0-1) by Unanimous Decision
    155: Elias Rodriguez (5-0) def. Eduardo Bustillos (5-4) by R2 Submission Armlock
    135: Stephen Perez (5-2) def. Isaac Matamoros (2-3) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke

    LFA 34: Watley vs. Jenkins
    Prior Lake, Minnesota

    155 Title: #1 Robert Watley (10-1) def. Brandon Jenkins (11-6) by Unanimous Decision
    155: #13 Trey Ogden (10-2) def. Travis Perzynski (22-10) by R3 Submission Guillotine
    145: #6 Jordan Griffin (15-5) def. #5 VET Darrick Minner (20-8) by R2 Submission Armbar
    145: #7 Nate Jennerman (11-3) def. John DeVall (15-9) by R3 Submission Triangle Choke
    125: #2 VET Kelly Kobold (19-3-1) def. #23 Katy Collins (7-4) by Unanimous Decision
    155: #19 Bobby Lee (8-1) def. Nick Ammerman (4-1) by Unanimous Decision
    185: #15 Tim Hiley (6-0) def. Willie Whitehead (2-2) by R2 Submission Strikes
    265: #25 Calyn Hull (3-0) def. Patrick Martin (5-4) by Unanimous Decision
    185: #23 Alton Cunningham (5-0) def. Wayman Carter (7-8) by R3 TKO Punches

    ROC 62
    Atlantic City, New Jersey

    170 Title: #23 Tajuddin Abdul Hakim (7-1) def. Bradley Desir (10-6) by R1 KO Kick
    135 Title: Phil Caracappa (5-0) def. Brandon Urquijo (2-3) by Unanimous Decision
    125 Title: HM Tommy Espinosa (5-1) def. William Elliott (3-1) by R1 KO Punch
    175: Wendell Sneed (3-1) def. Michael Elshamy (3-5) by Unanimous Decision
    135: Andrew Salas (5-1) def. Chris Johnson (3-7) by R3 TKO Punches

    Bellator 195: Caldwell vs. Higo
    Thackerville, Oklahoma

    185: #3 Kevin Holland (12-3) def. Teagan Dooley (6-3) by R1 Submission Triangle Choke
    145: Daniel Carey (5-2) def. Cris Williams (4-1) by Unanimous Decision

    March 3rd

    SFL 2018: Gujarat Warriors vs. Delhi Heroes
    Mumbai, India

    145: Vikas Dahiya (4-1) def. HM Vince Murdock (10-5) by R2 TKO Literal Kick To Groin/Referee Incompetence

    Monster Energy Bellator MMA Fight Series
    Atlanta, Georgia

    185: Joseph Creer (5-0) def. Devorious Tubbs (4-2) by Split Decision
    135: Devante Sewell (5-2) def. Zac Cooper (4-5) by R3 Submission Guillotine

    Summit FC 26
    Tupelo, Mississippi

    205 Title: #4 VET Teddy Holder (10-4) def. Grady Hurley (14-3) by R1 TKO Punches
    145: Nick Baker (5-3) def. Kyle Hughes (2-1) by R1 TKO Punches

    Caged Warrior Championship 17
    Houma, Louisiana

    155: Justin Prescott (4-1) def. Lanny Dardar (16-9) by R1 Submission Armbar

    Alliance MMA @ The Arnold Sports Festival
    Columbus, Ohio

    155: #17 Devonte Smith (7-1) def. Justin Edwards (9-6) by R1 KO Punch
    125: #6 Jordan Espinosa (12-5) def. Cee Jay Hamilton (12-6) by Split Decision
    170: Isaac Steele (7-1) def. Chris Petty (4-5) by R2 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    195: #6, 205 Travis Davis (6-1) def. Jesse Murray (5-3) by R2 TKO Injury
    135: Alfred Leisure (6-1) def. Tray Taylor (5-6) by R1 Submission Guillotine
    170: Rocky Edwards (11-7) def. Quinton Parks Jr. (6-2) by Unanimous Decision
    185: Mike Mason (3-0) def. Davis Oracio (2-3) by R1 TKO Punches

    Hardrock MMA 97: Beverly vs. Mohammed
    Lexington, Kentucky

    145: Ken Beverly (6-3) def. Jamal Mohammed (2-1) by Unanimous Decision

    March 4th

    Fury FC 23
    San Antonio, Texas

    170 Title: Washington Luiz (5-3) def. Chris Lopez (9-2) by R4 TKO Punches
    185: #5 Antonio Jones (7-1) def. Artenas Young (10-13) by Unanimous Decision

    March 9th

    NFC 104
    Atlanta, Georgia

    185: #4 VET Doug Usher (9-3) def. Chase Gamble (4-5) by R2 TKO Punches

    Shamrock FC 303
    St. Louis, Missouri

    145: Brandon Lowe (4-1) def. Trevon Crawford (1-1) by Unanimous Decision

    DCS 40: St. Patty Showdown
    Omaha, Nebraska

    155: Joey Munoz (7-2) def. Sean Wilson (38-30) by R3 Submission Rear Naked Choke

    LFA 35: Newell vs. Luque
    Houston, Texas

    165: #5 VET, 155 Nick Newell (14-1) def. Sonny Luque (10-7) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    265: Vernon Lewis (5-3) def. Jared Vanderaa (6-3) by Unanimous Decision
    170: #24 Jason Lagellier (7-1) def. Thomas Webb (13-5) by R1 Submission D'arce Choke
    140: HM Adrian Yanez (7-2) def. Nathan Trepagnier (4-4) by R1 KO Punch
    115: Cheyanne Vlismas (1-0) def. Karla Hernandez (0-1) by R3 TKO Elbows
    135: Leomana Martinez (3-1) def. Casey Jones (3-2) by R1 TKO Punches
    155: Daniel Pineda (23-13) def. Josh Davila (7-14) R2 TKO Punches

    March 10th

    Warfare MMA 18
    North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

    265: #14 Austin Lane (4-0) def. Benjamin Rowland (4-1) by R1 TKO Cut
    170: Cody Jones (5-2) def. Nickalas Martino (2-3) by R1 Submission Kimura

    Rocks Xtreme MMA 23
    Corpus Christi, Texas

    170 Title: Santos Rosalez Jr. (3-0) def. Jason Laubach-Lents (1-2) by R1 TKO Punches
    145: Rey Trujillo (24-20) def. Donald Sanchez (31-18) by Split Decision
    155: Juan Gonzalez (5-1) def. Raymond Banda (6-2) by Unknown

    XKO 40
    Dallas, Texas

    125: Desiree Yanez (1-0) def. Carmella James (0-4) by R3 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    145: #24 Levi Mowles (8-3) def. Jose Johnson (5-4) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    205: #5 Kennedy Nzechukwu (4-0) def. Andre Kavanaugh (7-14) by R1 TKO Punches

    Beatdown 21
    New Town, North Dakota

    155: #2 VET Johnny Case (23-6) def. Brandon Longano (4-2) by R2 Submission Guillotine
    135: #12 Alexa Conners (5-2) def. Carina Damm (23-15) by R3 TKO Body Kick
    185: Mike Rhodes (10-5) and Bryan Baker (18-5) No Contest (Baker Illegal Elbows to back of head)

    Titletown Throwdown
    Green Bay, Wisconsin

    185: Jordan Berg (2-0) def. Dino Saracco (2-6) by Unknown

    Driller Fights: A-Town Throwdown 13
    Austin, Minnesota

    135: Montel Jackson (5-0) def. Daron McCant (4-1) by R1 TKO Punches

    Premier FC 25
    Agawam, Massachusetta

    120: Destiny Quinones (1-0) def. Lisa Blaine (2-1) by Unanimous Decision

    Rage In The Cage OKC 57
    Hinton, Oklahoma

    265: #3 VET Tony Lopez (59-27) def. Jon Hill (12-6) by R2 Submission

    Caged Aggression 21 - The Champions

    135 Title: #5 Manny Vazquez (12-3) def. Shawn West (15-9) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    155 Title: #5 VET Eric Wisely (29-9-1) def. Eric Thomas (6-6) by R3 TKO Punches
    155: HM Austin Hubbard (8-2) def. Charlie Radtke (2-1) by Unknown
    145: Jake Childers (4-0) def. Cain Lugar (1-1) by R1 Submission Armbar
    155: Jordan Hinman (7-4) def. Mike Plazola (14-9) by R1 Submission Armbar
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    Great new info.

    Thanks for the time you put into it.
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    Thank you sir!

    This event actually got forgotten about so Vazquez, Hubbard and Wisely's rankings aren't updated on the first page but they'll be moved on the next one.
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    Niagara, Canada
    Usman vs Don'Tale Mayes is coming up in April. I'm insanely excited for that one.
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    That's a great one. Tough fight for both of them.
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    awesome thread! nice research TS
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    Interesting. According this this tweet, #1 Bantamweight Ricky Simon has signed with UFC after his devastating finish of Vinicius Zani. Honestly well deserved. He's been on fire recently and will be a great addition to an already stacked 135 division.
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    #3 Lightweight Dan Moret (13-3) has signed with UFC. He will replace Lando Vanatta against Gilbert Burns at UFC on FOX 29 next month on April 14th. Dan is an MMA Lab product and was last seen last December defeating Alonzo Martinez by Rear Naked Choke in the 1st round for Victory FC. He's a long time RFA/LFA vet.

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    Here are the major results of regional US MMA between March 14th-March 27th. Rankings have also been updated.


    #5 Heavyweight Justin Frazier returned for his third finish in 8 months after being inactive for about 3 years. He's earned 3 first round victories in that time and has established himself as a solid prospect. He might need a shot in LFA or Titan before he's given a shot at the big leagues.

    #11 Welterweight Sean Brady earned his second regional title after defeating former TUF winner Colton Smith by Unanimous Decision to earn the Shogun Fights Welterweight Title. He's also the reigning defending CFFC Champion. Being a Renzo Gracie guy with major regional titles, I expect Brady could be signed within the year.

    #7 Featherweight Jamall Emmers made his return to LFA and beat XFC vet Guilherme Faria with a 3rd round TKO. Emmers challenged for the RFA Lightweight Title in 2016 but fell short. Since then, he's won 4 fights including over recent UFC debutee Cory Sandhagen which is Sandhagens only loss to date. Emmers is another prospect that looks to be on the cusp of a signing.

    #11 Featherweight Ryan MacDonald is 25, undefeated, and just defended his MCF Featherweight Title against Matt Murphy who couldn't make it to the 3rd round. MacDonald has 5 finishes so far in his pro career, but he needs to take a definite step up in competition if he wants to be known as a serious prospect.

    #2 HW VET Tony Lopez is an ironman and one of the last of a dying breed. Tony Lopez officially won his 60th fight and his rubber match against Bellator vet Dan Charles. You would think that the 44 year old Lopez would be putting his gloves down on the mat and retiring, but it was Charles who retired this past weekend. Lopez has fought 28(!!) times since 2016 and won 20 of those bouts. Lopez has become the modern day equivalent of Dan Severn who fought into his 50's and became a test for regional talent on their way to the top. Currently on a 3 fight win streak, Lopez might never make it to UFC of Bellator, but he's made a good career doing what he does best.

    #1 Women's VET Deanna Bennett was cut after a draw against Melinda Fabian which I thought to be a surprising move. Bennett has been a pro since 2012 and has wins over 2 former Invicta Champions. Albeit she was on a 3 fight losing streak before signing with UFC being on TUF, she was fighting three women who are now signed to UFC. They needed Flyweights so I thought they would keep Bennett after a draw, but after getting a win against Karina Rodriguez, she might be 1 or 2 away from getting re-signed.

    #2 Women's VET is recently released UFC vet Pearl Gonzalez. Gonzalez came into UFC after 6 straight victories including a win over fellow UFC vet Courtney Casey. She dropped fights to Cynthia Calvillo and Polianha Botelho and was signed and released within a year. All fighters dread the 0-2 and done. If you don't perform, you don't stick around. Pearl is only 31 and had a better performance against formerly undefeated Kali Robbins than she did against either of her opponents in UFC. As she spends more time in San Diego with 10th Planet, her game will expand. Given that she's a name, we might see her fighting for an Invicta Title shortly similar to what happened to Angela Hill after being released.

    #1 Bantamweight Ricky Simon demolished his opponent, Vinicius Zani with a Knockout in under 60 seconds to defend his LFA Bantamweight Title. I had Simon ranked number 1 after taking UFC vet Chico Camus to a 5 round decision. There was no reason for him to keep fighting in LFA and UFC supposedly signed him that night. He'll be added to already a STACKED Bantamweight division and will likely want top 25 opponents to start.

    I would also like to give a shout out to a Canadian fighter who often trains in the US in Michigan. 20 year old TJ Laramie defended his TKO Featherweight Title against Brazilian Veteran Joao Luis Nogueira who has an impressive 25-7 record. Laramie is a 20 year old phenom from Windsor and he's looking like he could be a contender in a few short years. While he's 8-2, his two losses are both disputable for different reasons. If he was eligible on these rankings, he'd probably be in the top 10 at Featherweight.

    Most Signable Fighter - With Simon signing with UFC, i'd give it to Jamall Emmers who I would say could be for the LFA Featherweight Title against Kevin Aguilar if one of them isn't picked up first. Dan Moret was a 13-3 fighter from LFA so it's not out of the realm of possibility that Emmers could be picked up but Aguilar definitely has the best resume at this point at Featherweight. He could be a short notice signee.

    March 16th

    TKO 42 - Nogueira vs. Laramie
    Laval, Quebec

    135: #17 Joseph Maness (9-0) def. Caio Machado (11-5) by Unanimous Decision

    AKA - Rite Of Passage 3
    Bossier City, Louisiana

    170: Derrick Krantz (21-10) def. Artenas Young (10-14) by Unanimous Decision
    185: #17 Quentin Henry (12-4) def. Marcus Andrusia (8-14) by R1 Submission Guillotine
    135: Jasmine Crawford (1-0) def. Candace Maricle (1-2) by Unanimous Decision
    170: Lucas Clay (3-0) def. Brant Moore (2-1) by R2 Submission Triangle Choke

    Paramount MMA - Contenders
    Denver, Colorado

    145: HM Jake Heffernan (6-0) def. Derek Brenon (6-2) by R2 Submission
    145: Youssef Zalal (4-0) def. Joey Banks (4-3) by R3 Submission
    145: Jordan Titoni (5-2) def. Trevor Massey (0-2) by R1 KO Punch

    March 17th

    RUF MMA 24
    Flagstaff, Arizona

    265 Title: #2 VET Tony Lopez (59-27) def. Dan Charles (11-7) by R2 Submission

    Pyramid Fights 6
    Batesville, Arkansas

    265: #5 Justin Frazier (10-2) def. Reggie Cato (5-3) by R1 Verbal Submission
    145: Oscar Valdez (9-5) def. Kendrik Williams (4-2) by Unanimous Decision
    125: Myles Malone (2-0) def. Jeremy Rogers (0-1) by R2 Submission Armbar

    Fight Lab 58
    Charlotte, North Carolina

    155 Title: Mike Stevens (8-4) def. D'Juan Owens (16-12) by R2 KO Punch
    145 Title: Dylan Cala (6-1) def. Kurtis Cloward (9-5) by R2 Submission Guillotine
    145: Anthony Wright (3-0) def. Shelton Sales (1-2) by R1 Submission Guillotine

    SHP 49
    Columbus, Mississippi

    185: Mike Morgan (3-0) def. Justin Vargas (1-1) by Split Decision

    AMMO Fight League 4
    West Springfield, Massachusetts

    170: Jon Manley (11-4) def. Ryan Sanders (15-9) by Unanimous Decision

    Bayfront Brawl 5
    Erie, Pennsylvania

    155: Jeffrey Pelton (5-1) def. Matthew DiMarcantonio (10-8) by Unanimous Decision

    Shogun Fights
    Hollywood, Florida

    170: #11 Sean Brady (8-0) def. Colton Smith (7-5) by Unanimous Decision
    165: Caleb Williams (9-4) def. Matt McCook (10-10) by R1 KO Punch
    145: Danny Chavez (8-3) def. Leandro Magalhaes (8-9) by R1 KO Punch
    145: Adli Edwards (3-1) def. Benny Delgado (1-2) by R1 Submission Kimura

    Mountain Force 1
    Logan Utah

    135: Allen Silva (3-0) def. Anthony Miller (3-5) by Unanimous Decision
    125: Nick Clem (2-0) def. Justus Minardi (1-1) by Unanimous Decision

    March 23rd

    LFA 36: Simon vs. Zani
    Cabazon, California

    135 Title: #1 Ricky Simon (12-1) (UFC) def. Vinicius Zani (11-5) by R1 TKO Punches
    145: #7 Jamall Emmers (13-3) def. Guilherme Faria (15-7) by R3 KO Punch
    170: #20 Christian Aguilera (11-4) def. Ricardo Seicas (7-1) by R2 KO Uppercut
    135: #15 Andre Ewell (12-4) def. Trent Meaux (6-5) by R1 KO Punch
    205: Herdem Alacabek (4-0) def. HM Jonathan Noriega (3-1) by R1 TKO Knees To Body
    145: Tommy Aaron (6-3) def. Troy Guerrero (5-2) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    185: Taylor Johnson (3-0) def. Corey Turner (1-2) by R1 TKO Punches
    135: Benji Gomez (7-10) def. Steve Swanson (14-4) by Unanimous Decision

    March 24th

    ACB 83: Baku
    Baku, Azerbaijan

    265: Daniel Omielanczuk (20-8) def. Bobby Brents (17-7) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    145: Lambert Akhiadov (9-4) def. Adrian Diaz (11-6) by Unanimous Decision

    Dragon House 28
    San Francisco, California

    185 Title: Jordan Williams (6-2) def. Alex Lopez (3-2) by R1 KO Punch
    135: #20 Brady Huang (8-0) def. Nico Lozada (4-4) by R1 TKO Punches
    145: Brandon Laroco (4-1) def. John Cardenas (2-1) by Unanimous Decision
    155: Hugo Lujan (3-2) def. Paradise Vaovasa (5-3) by Split Decision
    172: Abraham Vaesau (3-1) def. Neale Johnson (0-3) by Unanimous Decision
    170: Joaquin Lopez (4-0) def. Dominic Sumner (1-2) by R2 TKO Injury

    864 Fighting Championship - Fight 3
    Greenville, South Carolina

    170: Dom Waters (10-5) def. Cody Wilson (10-5) by Decision
    149: #19 Carl Deaton III (13-3) def. Nathan Williams (8-4) by Unanimous Decision
    130: Ryan Hollis (13-13) def. Cody Durden (4-2) by R2 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    135: HM John Sweeney (5-1) def. Keith Lee (3-2) by Decision

    M-1 Global/Angel Fight Promotions - The Road To M-1 Global
    Clarksville, Tennessee

    150: Jacob Kilburn (5-1) def. Elvin Leon Brito (9-6) by Decision

    Iron Boy MMA 10
    Phoenix, Arizona

    135 Title: Roman Salazar (12-6) def. Federico Betancourt (3-5) by R2 TKO Punches
    145 Title: Jackson Filho (3-1) def. Randy Steinke (18-12-1) by Unanimous Decision
    135: Kevin Natividad (5-1) def. Esias Gordo (0-2) by R1 TKO Punches
    140: Junior Cortez (3-0) def. David Maldonado (0-2) by TKO Punches

    CFFC 70
    Atlantic City, New Jersey

    160: Cesar Balmaceda (5-0) def. Hopeton Stewart (4-1) by Unanimous Decision
    145: BJ Young (3-0) def. Benjamin Allen (1-2) by R1 TKO Punches
    145: Sergio DeBari (4-1) def. Adi Alic (6-3) by Split Decision
    175: Kenny Gaudreau (10-5) def. Thiago Rela (10-7) by R1 TKO Elbow
    170: Solomon Renfro (3-0) def. Scott Noble (1-2) by Split Decision
    135: Terry Bartholomew (4-1) def. Christopher Prinz (5-6) by Unanimous Decision
    125: Erin Blanchfield (1-0) def. Whittany Pyles (0-1) by R1 TKO Doctor Stoppage

    Ascendancy FC 16
    Clive, Iowa

    145 Title: Luis Saldana (11-6) def. Will Shutt (23-27-1) by R1 TKO Punches
    170: Brody Jay (1-0) def. Ago Huskic (3-1) by Unanimous Decision

    MCF 15 - St. Patty's Beatdown
    North Platte, Nebraska

    145 Title: #11 Ryan MacDonald (9-0) def. Matt Murphy (7-10) By R3 TKO Did Not Answer Bell
    205: #18 Bradan Erdman (3-1) def. Jaquis Williams (7-8) by Unanimous Decision

    SCL 66
    Loveland, Colorado

    178 Title: #23 Anthony Adams (6-0) def. Tilek Mashrapov (8-2) by Split Decision

    OnPoint MMA - Texoma Throwdown
    Atoka, Oklahoma

    145: Eddie Brown (4-1) def. Travis Nero (0-1) by R1 Submission Rear Naked Choke
    150: Chevy Bridges (5-1) def. Tolutomi Agunbiade (3-10) by Unanimous Decision

    Big John's MMA - Northern Comeback
    Sault Ste Marie, Michigan

    145: Adrian Vilaca (7-2) def. Murjan Flowers (4-3) by R2 Submission Rear Naked Choke

    V3 Fights 67
    Memphis, Tennessee

    145 Title: Trevor Anderson (2-0) def. Reginald Adams (4-1) by Split Decision
    155: Austin Lyons (13-5) def. Kevin Henry (1-6) by R1 TKO Punch

    Pinnacle FC 16
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    185: Robert Gidron (3-1) def. Joshua Fremd (2-1) by Unanimous Decision

    Atlas Fights 32
    Biloxi, Mississippi

    170: Tyler Hill (8-1) def. Alan Arzeno (7-9) by R1 Submission
    170: Robert Turnquest (9-4) def. Noah Cutter (0-1) by R1 Submission
    145: Mike Barnett (3-1) def. Justin Howard (1-5) by R1 TKO Punches

    Invicta FC 28: Inoue vs. Jandiroba
    Salt Lake City, Utah

    127: #1 VET DeAnna Bennett (9-3) def. Karina Rodriguez (6-3) by Split Decision
    115: #2 VET Pearl Gonzalez (7-3) def. #9 Kali Robbins (5-1) by Unanimous Decision
    115: HM Kal Schwartz (2-1) def. Kay Hansen (1-1) by R2 TKO Punches
    135: #21 Kerri Kenneson (3-0) def. Chelsea Chandler (0-1) by Unanimous Decision
    105: HM Jillian DeCoursey (2-0) def. Rebekah LeVine (1-1) by Unanimous Decision
    125: HM Tracy Cortez (2-1) def. Kaytlin Neil (1-3) by Unanimous Decision
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