Muay thai gear in Thailand or Australia

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    Sorry brother, late reply. Been busy. doing some OT (over time) at work to save more for the trip then straight to training haha. Yeah I heard, commuting isn't that bad so that's always a plus. Going with a matie who's gone over there a few times too which helps as I'd be a foreign as there and probably feel clueless if solo travelled at least for the first week. Whenever I hear the word west, the first thought i get in my head is 'ahhh what a trek!" haha. I'm from the north my man, near crows nest/north sydney. what gym do you train at out west if you don't mind me asking? i heard most the good mma gyms are out those ways or at least not on my side of the bridge. i compete in kyokushin karate man so don't have the best knowledge when it comes to mma gyms. though i do my boxing at a mma/muay thai gym.

    always good to hear trainers like that though man, and always worth making the trip to be guided under a trainer like yours! sounds awesome, you planning to go back to Thailand any time soon?

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