Is Khabib in Conor's head moreso than any other fighter in his entire career?

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    Those guys are humans like anyone else, so of course they'll take losses. A lot of them perform very well but lose in the 3rd round because they slip up or gas. They are very talented but their training facilities are still 2nd to what you'd get in the US and Canada and probably England too.

    Another problem is lack of activity. They don't get nearly as much fights as they should. When one of them doesn't get a US visa or gets injured, instead of scheduling for the closest card or closest overseas card in Brazil, Asia or Europe, they're just shelved for most of the year and end up only fighting once a year. It's really frustrating how they're handled compared to US and Brazilian fighters who get immediate reschedulings.

    On top of that, there's only 23 Russian fighters overall in the UFC. There's around 70 Brazilian fighters on the roster and counting. The roster from Russia are only a third of that number in comparison (Russia is FAR more accomplished in amateur martial-arts than Brazil; and even their MMA scene is far larger), and there's disproportionately so few of them than they should be that people automatically assume they must be a larger than life killer when they're really just regular humans like you and me. They can suffer losses too and have. But the moment they do, people say they were "exposed" but when the same happens to a Western fighter you'd never hear that. Take Zabit vs Bochniak for example. Bochniak gets a participation trophy just for making the third round, but if Zabit lost in the third he'd have been "exposed".
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    Conor knows if he gets demolished in first round his popularity and hence money making ability will diminish. That’s why he’s worried and is training instead of talking
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    yeh thats fair enough.

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