wtf is wrong with Brock’s head

I’m a 5’5” manlet. I need to breed with her so my bloodline will have a chance to survive in the future nuclear wasteland. I mean what are my future ancestors going to do once they come across the future ancestors of all the 6’8” chiseled sherbos
out there? They def will be out there because sherbros conquer more poon than genghis khan.
Bit like Valuev:


Randyfoot "The Unnatural "Coutilva
There is zero percent of me that wonders what she would be like in the sack. The 4.2% is occupied by Gabi Garcia.

95.8 % by Lizzo? Since she is taking up most of the space in that brain? :D
I know right, and Lesnar wasn't a bad looking guy at all too in his 20-30s... genes have a cruel sense of humor sometimes

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I was actually thinking the same thing. When he was a rookie in WWE he looked incredible. To a certain extent he is a freak of nature because he was jacked as fuck in highschool and college and its hard to believe he would have been on the juice before college. I think its pretty clear from that picture that he's been using something over the years.

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