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Media Conor Mcgregor: "F*ck Ilia Topuria, Don't Give a F*ck About Him" - "F*ck Usman Too, He's a Bum"

He is who Dillon Danis learned it from...

Conor is a sad, sad little insecure man. I really hope Chandler humilliates him beyond repair and finishes his career.
coke flavoured whiskey sessions interviews where he plays online poker , Conors favourite place to be interviewed
McTapper would be lucky to last three minutes with Usman. Extremely bad match-up for Conor.

Conor would have a good chance vs. Topuria for a round or two, but if he doesn't get the finish eventually the gas tank will fade and Topuria would badly abuse him. Probably a knock down followed by a RNC after McGregor serves up his undefended neck to stop the beat down...shades of the first fight vs. Diaz...