Best Watch/Pedometer Manufacturer?


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Jun 13, 2005
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I need a new watch for timing myself on my runs, but I figured as long as I was buying a new watch, I should get one with a pedometer on it as well.

Amazon sells a number of these- most manufactured by Reebok, CardioSport, Polar, Omran, Oregon, Freestyle, Sportline, or Timex. Many of these have heart rate monitors, and that would be a definite plus.

I was never a runner. Does anyone know which is the benchmark brand? Or is it more model-to-model? In that case, how much should I expect to spend to get a pedometer with reliable readings (steps, distance, etc.)? Is there a specific model out there that is the one to buy?

Any info appreciated. Thanks.
Madmick, you mentioned you wanted the best but said nothing about the price. These are hands down, some of the nicest watches, but you are paying for them. They have military models that have GPS and altimeter, barometer, etc. This one is the t6, used for training. It monitors everything you can think of. I would like to own one, but the tag is a bit too high at this time.
Damn, those watches are unbelievable, but definitely out of my current price range. I'm glad you pointed them out to me. I'll keep them in mind for when I have more money.

In the meantime, do you know who makes a stellar watch/pedometer around $100? I don't want to spend more than $150, and I'd be much happier spending $50. But if I have to, I'll spend more. There's no sense in wasting $50 on something that won't really work.
No, I have never actually used a pedometer. I do my track workouts with a club and they provide time keeping, paces, etc. for you. On my own, I just run distance. I like to keep it simple. If I am having a hard time running and am tired, it is working. I figure for under $100 with a name brand, you really cannot go wrong. But avoid the chain stores. I would go to a local running store where the employees actually compete and ask them. I stopped buying shoes at chains about 7 years ago when some little fattie tried to tell me that I need a shoe that prevents me from pronating and supinating my foot. Yeah, okay. Buy something that changes my natural foot balance. That is why there are custom inserts. If the employees don't run harder than me, I don't listen to them.

Anybody got a favorite amongst those first manufacturers I mentioned that is under $150?

Maybe I'll just save up and get that Suunto.
I'm actually in the market for a pedometer watch type apparatus.

I've never been a big watch person and I've been jogging with a kitchen timer. It gets the job done.

That Suunto t6 is crazy though. Wish I could have one of those.
I have a Polar watch for my needs there, it's not a Pedometer tho just a HRM. It was like $150 because it has a bunch of silly gimmicky features, should have bought the one that was like half this price
for a pedometer to work accurately, your pace has to be constant. if you have to keep your pace the same anyway, just time your miles on a track (4 laps/mile on inside) and then time your running on the street with a $2 wrist watch.........or just run the track all the time and you never have to worry about pacing to judge your distance.
Ran with one of my training partners today (for swimming and running. He did 10 years with the seal teams and is a PT stud). He has a Polar heart rate monitor/pedometer. He says they are on sale all the time at Big 5 and related stores. He says you can find them around $50 and they work great. He also said they are compatible with various treadmill/elliptical machines too if that is your thing.