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Bat Vs Fists

Not fun getting rekt in front of your kid. Stupid as hell though. You have a weapon so you throw an off balance kick? When you don’t know how to kick?

Rekt is the operative word. He took a beating.

Usually it would be way OTT, but I feel like if someone is threatening you with a weapon, it's fair game.
It’s hard to pull back when there is/was a weapon involved
True. Though sometimes the law does not care. I get it though, but at some point you have to bring yourself back down. Him going back again to hit the dude after he delivered so many after he was out cold??? Yikes
He is no longer threatening after blow #83... Hope the law don't see this. Not a good look

I don't disagree, he should have controlled himself. I just think threatening someone with a bat or any other potentially lethal weapon is serious business. I could imagine myself going nuts and putting a serious beating on someone who threatened me with a weapon, far more than just a fistfight.

To be fair we don't know the backstory, what the other guy did to have a bat pulled on him in the first place, he might be a real scumbag, or the guy with the bat might have been playing billy big bollocks for no real reason.
Damn, that was hard to watch.
That's why you never get into a street fight no matter what you ego tells you unless it's last resort of self defence. You may end up like this dude or worse.
Yes, you may. Most of all if you fight me.
that guy needs to do prison time for certain. I cant relate to people like that and they should not be walking around free.
He was taking those snots real well! Maybe his kid will live to see him graduate kindergarten
I counted about 26-30 clean shots there.....he had some mass too, those had thump. Boys should have pulled him off about 15 earlier.

End of the day though, dude threatened him with a bat. Which is in essence a form of threatening his life. I'd have a hard time pulling off a guy with a weapon who might have killed me had it gone the other way.