Who will the 5 training camp preparation give more advantage to? (Khab Vs Ferg deep analysis)

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    Heres what I think:

    I think Tony can prepare for Khabibs top game, Tony like RDA can prevent himself from getting guard passed, and Tony with his long legs will be more dangerous
    than RDA off his back. We know from the RDA fight that you can block Khabib from dominating you on the ground. I do see Khabib being able to prepare for Tonys elbows and submission game enough to avoid it, but not enough to do damage on Tony with his owb strikes on the ground. The only danger I see Khabib proposing is if he can get in dominant position after a failed submission from Ferguson(this is very very possible so dont see it as just speculation). Khabibs grappling game is tier 0 so I dont think hell screw up and let himself get caught in submission. I think Tony wants to prove a point by submitting Khabib so hell attempt some triangles, which if Khabib escapes can lead to guard passing(Tony will definitely attempt a triangle im sure of it) . Kevin Lee and most pure wrestlers have a weakness to triangles, we know this to be consistently true in UFC, but lets not make the mistake of comparing Khabibs super grappling to bums like Kevin Lee.

    Tonys offense is very diverse, nobody has been able to prepare for all those tools at his disposal. Khabibs striking offense is not diverse enough to create problems for Tony except for in 2 cases. I see that Tony has a weakness to defending against overhand punches due to his low hands and also hes vulnerable to jabs. Khabib does have good potential in these 2 punches. We know that Tony is there to be hit, but we also know that hitting Tony kinda doesnt matter because hell hit you right back even harder. Tony is good at rolling with punches and countering with flurries, but I do think Khabib will be prepared for these types of situations. Khabib is very good at getting out of combinations with his circular
    movement and keeping his hands up for defense.

    That being said i see Khabib pulling off a win.Khabib is good enough at circling away from combination punches that I dont see him getting hit 200 times like RDA or like the other guys who become a wang chung dummy to Tonys striking pressure against the cage. I think Tony will struggle to fight his usual style due to the suprise of Khabibs defense. This is the factor everybody under estimates about Khabib. I think Khabibs strike defense is the best in the division. It seems like all these top LW guys are always getting hit hard (Lee, Barboza,Ferg,Poir,Alv,RDA) but not khabib. And even if they had good moments in their fights against Tony they all didnt even pace themselves properly enough to stand effectively with Tony in later rounds. Which we know Khabib can pace himself for long enough to not get outgrinded.

    Khabib just came off fighting Conor who some said was the greatest striker of all time. Conor is also a counter pressure fighter, and Khabib responded to that style impressively. Anytime Conor tried to throw Combos Khabib was able to block or move out of them all. The only moment when Khabib took a good hit was a right uppercut in round 3.

    Tonys last loss was to Michael Johnson and that was because Johnson was able to get out of range when it mattered which prevented Tony from consistently putting together combinations. The only time he did was when Johnson started getting drawn into exchanges. Tonys fighting style is like that tornado cartoon fight with all the dust and Tasmanian devil spinning.


    But Khabib is the master of being smart in those types of brawls. He usually avoids any serious damage.Due to frustration against Khabibs defense I think Tony will press too hard and leave himself open for counter takedowns.
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    Sped read it. I 100% agree with you minus I just don’t think Connor will train long enough in wrestling defense before the rematch.
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    I think Khabib will lock up Tony's legs, like he did to Conor and others, since it would massively minimize Tony's submission options from his back. It also would prevent Tony from standing up.

    To me it comes down to Tony's elbows from the bottom versus Khabib's suffocating top control and GnP.

    My prediction: Khabib by decision 50-44
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    Kevin Lee can pass his guard but Khabib can't?

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