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Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment Reviews' started by Yahia Muhammad, May 16, 2018.

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    these were my first real boxing gloves after a series of those "fitness" gloves from adidas, Everlast, and Lonsdale.
    I bought the 14 oz on sale for about 35$ or something, i intended to use them for sparring but more on that later

    1- The look 6/10

    Initially the glove looked good and cool with the dual color and the word "hit it hard" on the face of the gloves and the genuine leather mark on it -but i didn't have much experience on gloves then- now I have to say the leather If I to say my opinion now: the glove looks cheap and plasticy, the paint quality is bad and the word title on the valcro is on a cheap plastic piece

    2- Leather 6/10

    the leather looks thick but it's hard and doesn't look like genuine leather at all and doesn't have this distinct smell

    3- Quality and durability 5/10

    Well where to start as i said the leather quality is bad, the red dye bleeds everywhere almost every time a leave a mark on the bag. the glove came with loose stitching already and the stitching on the left glove broke after 4 months of use but i fixed it (see pics) and its working fine now but i don't use it that much, th inner lining is cheap and now it's torn and bothers my fingers

    4- fit,feel 6/10

    the glove is quite wide even with my hands -11.5" across thee knuckles" and 180" hand wraps I used knuckle pads with them and they were OK then. the glove feels heavier than 14 It even feels heavier than my 16 everlasts. the thumbs on these gloves are so big i actually can feel my thumbs moving freely wearing them

    5- Performance 6/10

    I have to say that the padding on these gloves is hard and dense, and that wasn't good as i intended to use it for sparring, I tried it once and my sparring partner complained i told him to switch gloves and i tried being hit with them, they were as hard ans being hit with a car bumper

    so I started using them on the bag they performed adequately, the dense padding provided decent protection and the wrist is well padded and if you close the valcro tight enough you get decent wrist protection also.

    in the end i have to say these gloves are no high quality glove but may be one of the best to be found under 50$. they are definitely no for sparring i heard the title classic leather are softer and more suitable for sparring

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    Great review.

    It's nice to see reviews on "ordinary gloves". The purpose of this forum section is to inform people (new and experienced) of different brand/models.
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    Honiara, Solomon Islands
    I agree. This kind of review is a welcome change from the "I want to tell everyone about my new and very expensive pair of Winning/Grant/Cleto Reyes" reviews. And it's probably more realistic and practical for the majority as well.
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    Exactly! I discovered this forum a few years ago by typing "boxing gloves review". It helped me discover brand that i did not know existed. Ok, it created a monster and I became a gear whore, but that's another story lol.
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