SABAS SuperSoft boxing gloves

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    Just got some 16 oz. SuperSoft SABAS after reading the reviews here and on google and boy am I happy:

    I was having some problems with my 12 oz. Ring To Cage, which are crafted really good with awesome leather, but they were kinda wide in the hand compartment (as others and videos have stated). They also didn't have enough padding on knuckle, but bear in mind that coiuld have been because I bought 12oz and properly 16oz would have been better for me. Before that, I had some 79$ Venum Elite's, and some 99$ Top King SuperStar Air, obviously none of which of those compare to the Ring to Cage and it seems the SABAS are on even another level.

    I really didn't want to spend $200-300 on WINNING because I'm a college student currently, and of course GRANT is even more insane pricing, and that leaves Reyes, but from what I researched, that are more of a punchers glove with awkward thumb placement that leaves other glove options possibly better for bag work. Apparently the SuperSoft are more WINNING style and the ProSeries are more GRANT style per SABAS.

    Anyway, these are just amazing . I hit the bag today and it felt orgasmic on my hand, the hand compartment is tailored to fit your hand perfectly (I have 8.5" circumference under my knuckles if that helps) and the leather is some damn good leather (potent smell) and able to clench my first with the gloves on and still feel my knuckles land flush even with 16oz. The gloves feel super tailored and sexy, like some Armani suit (except for your hands), not like big , loose, or puffy pillows.

    I will see how these do in the next few months, and will likely be ordering some more pairs from SABAS in the future!
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    Nice man.

    By the way, you probably got the recently-updated model of the Sabas SS.

    Just a few months ago, they were only 2-layer and front-heavy.

    Now they are 4-layer padding and provide a very balanced feel/fit; most likely the best version of this model to date.

    And I believe that the ProSeries is their flagship model, meant to be a mix/balance of Grant-style and Winning-style.

    While their most expensive model; Prime, is the one modeled after Grant.
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